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Ana Maria Herrera, Colombian sells Tolimence Tamales in Miami - Other Cities - Colombia

Ana Maria Herrera, Colombian sells Tolimence Tamales in Miami – Other Cities – Colombia

The virtual restaurant Sabor Colombia US, specializing in tamales from Tolima sold at home in Miami (United States) was born on June 24, 2015 due to the whim of its owner, Anna Maria Herrera, Systems Engineer born in Ibague (Tolima).

That year, Ana Maria Herrera told her mother, Nancy Diaz, that she wanted to try the flavor of her land tamale, because she had emigrated in search of better opportunities and could not find a place that would sell her this food.

This woman did not stay with the desire to satisfy her passion and asked her mother to prepare the typical delicious dish, but the preparation was so wonderful that it was enough to take the test Family, neighbors and friends in Miami.

“As soon as they tried it, their friends went crazy with the delicious flavor of Tolimense tamale and asked for the recipe,” Anna Maria recalls.

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The tamale recipe was so popular in Miami that after days, all the friends of the Latino community came back to Anna Maria Herrera’s home “Order and eat more tamales.”

That week, she and her husband, accountant general, Edwin Moreno, and her mother took on the task of making more tamales that had sold out in the blink of an eye. Thus, at the forefront of Tolimans flavor and spice, this virtual restaurant with home delivery was born, which provides 8 direct and about 30 indirect jobs, since they also make traditional suckling pigs, as well as arepas, empanadas and pandebonos.

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“Sabor Colombia US has home delivery coverage throughout the city of Miami, as customers order our products and we have it delivered to their homes,” said Anna Maria, a 34-year-old mother of two.

He emphasized that the key to the tamales is the seasoning of tolimines“But we also add a little love and some original my land’s gastronomy secrets to the dough.”

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Another key point is the quality of the essential products to get a good tamale, such as rice, yellow peas, carrots, potatoes, chicken and good cuts of pork. as in Tolima municipalitiesThey wrap it in banana leaves that they easily enter Miami.

“All the production is a team, but it’s my mother who brings the spirit and the flavor to Tamale,” he emphasized.

This family does not forget the rich culture of their department, nor the tourist sites like Compima Canyon, and always carry in their hearts the first phase of the Jordan neighborhood, where they were born and raised, and where their grandmother Anita Santos taught them to make tamales.

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Anna Maria Herrera notes that she traveled to Miami 11 years ago where she worked in systems engineering with a company, and later had the opportunity to work in the banking world.

Today it is entirely dedicated to the production tamales and suckling pig, “Well, I really like this job of making the culture and gastronomy of Tolima known.”

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