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Ana Legia de Saka was sentenced to 10 years in prison for money laundering

Ana Legia de Saka was sentenced to 10 years in prison for money laundering

Oscar Edgardo Sol Mixco, brother of Anna Ligia, and Milton Romeo Aviles were sentenced to seventeen and seven years in prison respectively for the same crime.

This afternoon, it became known the court ruling against Ana Ligia de Saka, who was sentenced to ten years in prison for the crime of money and asset laundering.

In addition, Oscar Edgardo Sol Mixco, brother of Anna Ligia, and Milton Romeo Aviles, were sentenced to seventeen and seven years in prison, respectively, for the same crime. They were all transferred to the Bartolinas of the Isidro Menendez Judicial Center in San Salvador.

Ana Legia de Sacca, her brother, and seven other people are on trial for laundering $17.6 million through Grupo Radial Samix, money that came from public funds during the administration of former President Elias Antonio Saca, in the case called Corruption Expose II.

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According to the Public Prosecutor, the reading of the verdict against the accused will take place on June 21, emphasizing that they were able to verify the participation and presence of all the accused in the crime, which indicates that in fact there was an expropriation of property. of public funds and the use of machines designed to launder said money.

On March 4, the Attorney General’s Office asked the fourth ruling court to sentence the former first lady and her brother to 15 years in prison, for being partners of Tony Saka, who was also sentenced to ten years in prison in 2018 for crimes committed during his presidency between 2004 and 2009. .

Photo of former First Lady Ana Legia de Sacca after being sentenced to ten years in prison for money and asset laundering. Photo: EDH / Francisco Rubio

During one of the trial days in the Uncover Corruption II case, in February of this year, an expert from the Prosecutor’s Office explained how the accounting at the Samix Broadcasting Group companies was changed with the intention of concealing the “illegal source” of the funds that were pumped into them.

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“Since companies have to submit their financial and tax reports to the Commercial Registry and the Ministry of Finance, it is necessary to justify the restriction, then as the companies’ accounting was amended and explained by the expert who announced this in detail,” said one of the prosecutors in the case.

He added that the concealment of information consisted in the fact that “the party that provided the services was not identified, the invoices were not attached because in the end only some of them were justified. However, most of them were not available and in this way the information was hidden.”

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He said that if the accounting was done correctly and the external auditors who conducted the accounting checks and if they had reported all those irregularities that took place in the accounting, the Ministry of Finance would have found out in advance and would implement them. Outside audits of the group companies referred to.

She added that the Ministry of Finance informed the Public Prosecution in advance to be able to investigate this accounting defect in order to file criminal cases for crimes against the tax administration, and the embezzlement was detected in a timely manner.

For his part, Elias Antonio Saka, who will serve in October this year half of the sentence imposed on him in 2018 for looting the state in the amount of $ 301 million, may request his release after he reached five years out of the ten years he had spent. He was convicted in 2018, two years after his arrest in October 2016.

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