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AMLO The most controversial phrases that caused the diplomatic crisis between Peru and Mexico

AMLO The most controversial phrases that caused the diplomatic crisis between Peru and Mexico

AMLO considered the presidency of the Pacific Alliance to be compatible with Peru, but there was a “technical coup” and Pedro Castillo was sacked. (EFE)

Friday evening, the President of the Republic, Dina Polwartwith a statement announcing that he had ordered the final withdrawal of the Peruvian ambassador to Mexico after the statements of his Mexican counterpart, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)who described the Peruvian president as a “false president” and reiterated his solidarity with former head of state Pedro Castillo.

“I have ordered the final retirement of our Ambassador to the United Mexican States and, in this way, the diplomatic relations between Peru and Mexico Boulwart said in a new episode of the diplomatic crisis that has worsened with every criticism of the Mexican president to the Peruvian authorities since the beginning of the social unrest, in which more than 60 people were involved. They were killed in clashes between demonstrators, the police and the army.

A few days after the dismissal of Pedro Castillo, Lopez Obrador He pointed out that the former Peruvian president was desperately harassed by his opponents in Congress and by the elites until they managed to remove him.

“Although it seems amazing, they dismissed him because of his moral incompetence. The truth is that it is private interests and all this affects people,” he added.

Why don’t they like Castillo? Because he is a teacher from a town in the mountains of Peru, he is not Fifi. So, they never accepted it, because they love democracy when it suits them, but in democracy we all count on the same, we are all equal; Moreover, there are no races, there is no racism, no class, what ought to be is humanity.

Castillo’s wife, Lilia Paredes, and Andres Manuel López Obrador met recently in Mexico. Favorite

In January, AMLO again referred to the former President of Peru Pedro Castillowho is serving remand in Barbadillo prison, and the complex political and social situation that Peru is going through.

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We must not leave alone the brotherhood of a people Peru. It was a shame what they did to Pedro Castillo And the way they oppress people. You must sign a joint statement to claim that respression”, the Mexican president said in a video clip that was broadcast on social networks.

“This dialogue is open, for the people to decide on it democracy, that is, in fair and free elections, on the fate of Peru. No to tyranny and freedom Pedro Castillo“Because he is unjustly imprisoned,” said the head of state.

Having urged Dina Boluarte Lopez Obrador to deliver Presidency of the Pacific AllianceThe Mexican president said he was looking for a way to do that, though not specifically Peru considers them as a government “false”.

AMLO He considered that the presidency of the Pacific Alliance corresponds with Peru, but a “technical coup” took place and Pedro Castillo was sacked.

We are looking for a way to hand over the presidency. It was up to Perot, but when the meeting was scheduled to take place, the president was not allowed to leave. Then we went to visit Peru and they arrested him in what he considered an artistic coup, although he also used the police.”

It was an illegal, undemocratic and arbitrary act, and the will of the Peruvian people was not respected. I do not want to hand over the presidency to a government that I consider to be a shamDecided by the Rio Group members. (…) I do not want to legitimize a coup, “he added.

AMLO and Dina Boluarte: What will be the future of the Pacific Alliance given Mexico’s refusal to hand over the “interim” presidency?

The President of Mexico charged that “the Organization of American States (OAS) and its human rights organization are, unfortunately, at the service of the powerful,” and that this is why that organization did not summon all the countries that make up it to request Pedro’s release. Castillo.

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They turn a blind eye or agree with tyrannyVoiced by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Congressman Ezra Medina (We are Peruvian) We talked about the last meeting that the President of Mexico had, Manuel Lopez Obrador, With the wife of former First Lady Pedro Castillo, Lilia Paredes.

“I believe that Mr. (AMLO) should not interfere in political issues in Peru and the best thing is that he cares about his country. Unfortunately, he said he does not know our constitution, ”he also referred to the statements of the Mexican president, where he explains that the coup was against Pedro Castillo.

Meanwhile, the legislator Ernest Bustamante (From Fuerza Popular) Bollore’s decision to withdraw the Peruvian ambassador to Mexico was deemed necessary. He said that “the continued interference of President AMLO in internal affairs is less tolerable”.