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Dina Boulwart orders the final withdrawal of the Peruvian ambassador to Mexico

Dina Boulwart orders the final withdrawal of the Peruvian ambassador to Mexico

Peru’s President, Dina Boloart, on Friday during her appearance.Presidency of Peru (EFE / Presidency of Peru)

The President of Peru has taken another step in escalating diplomatic tensions with the region’s governments. If last week Congress announced a person unwanted To the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, Dina Boloart announced on Friday a stern action against CEO Andres Manuel López Obrador: the final withdrawal of the Peruvian ambassador to Mexico. Accompanied by Prime Minister Alberto Otarola and Foreign Minister Ana Cecilia Gervasi, Boulwart delivered a very brief message to the nation in which he recorded his unease with his counterpart. The bilateral relationship will be reduced to business managers.

“I strongly reject the statements of the President of Mexico on the internal affairs of Peru and his unacceptable questions that he has repeatedly asked about the constitutional and democratic origin of my government. Mr. López decided to support the coup d’etat of former President Pedro Castillo, the same one that led to the unanimous rejection of the institutions that make up the system Peruvian Democrat”, noted the head of state, who has been debated by the population since the presidential band crossed on December 7 after Castillo’s failed self-coup.

López Obrador had expressed himself in very harsh terms against Pouluart in the morning, calling her a “phony president” and noting her high level of disapproval. Yet they rule by bayonets and oppression by force. There are already more than 60 dead and in the same polls the majority of Peruvians are calling for elections to be called, for the people to decide, ”he stated during his morning press conference. The Mexican president also recounted his meeting with former First Lady Lilia Paredes, who was granted political asylum with the children of Castillo. She is an exceptional woman, modest, kind, she came to thank me for what happened with them, to tell me about her children studying. We try to ensure that they don’t lack anything to help them.”

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Since 2021, Manuel Gerardo Talavera Espinar has served as Peruvian Ambassador to Mexico. Talavera was also Deputy Secretary of State during the presidential term of Martin Vizcarra. This decision, which is a deep accusation against relations between the two countries, is added to the expulsion of Pablo Monroy, who until the end of last year held the post of Mexico’s ambassador to Peru. And in a growing spiral of tension, López Obrador refused to hand Boulwart the presidency of the Pacific Alliance, a trade integration mechanism made up of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

“Mr. López, with his statements, violates the principle of international law on non-interference in internal affairs, as well as those that refer to the defense and promotion of democracy. Mr. López decided to seriously affect the relations of mutual respect, friendship, cooperation and desire for integration, which historically united Peru and Mexico from By favoring ideological affinities at the expense of important integration processes that benefit our peoples, such as the Pacific Alliance,” Dina Polorat noted in her speech, adding that diplomatic relations between the two countries “will remain formally at the level of chargé d’affaires.”

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