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America's match against Atlante was halted due to an electrical storm

America’s match against Atlante was halted due to an electrical storm

Aztec Stadium /

Friendly match between America s Atlantic In the Aztec Stadiumpermanently suspended for a electric storm that hit southern Mexico City during game development.

at the hour I barely had 15 minutesThe referee decided to go to the seats and ask the coaches, Ferdinand Ortiz s Mario Garciaabout whether the match should go on or not, seconds ago before the lightning struck very close to Giant Santa Ursula.

It was the decision of both coaches Temporarily suspended The game and that all players, including those on the bench, go to the locker room to protect themselves.

Through the local voice, the fans who gathered in the stadium knew it The game is temporarily suspended I asked them to take cover in the access tunnels so as not to run into them Storm.

Minutes later, a notification came Final cancellation of the commitmentso football players from the Eagles They jumped into the square to thank the little more than 20,000 attendees who had gathered.

Due to an electric storm, the match will be suspended For everyone’s safety. #SomosAmerica. Many thanks to the fans, we play in this league together.”

In the 15 minutes it was enjoyed, it was America It was the team that had the longest possession of the ball, but at no point did it come close to the goal. Jancito Hernandez.

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in this way America The preparation game has run out and will focus on normal jobs by not having a match in the round Liga MX Playoff; It will be until Sunday when he meets his opponent on tour Quarter-finals.