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American Chronicle Vs.  Tigres (3-0) in the Mexican League final: goals and the best moments of the match |  Mexico

American Chronicle Vs. Tigres (3-0) in the Mexican League final: goals and the best moments of the match | Mexico

A more than exciting match took place on Sunday at Azteca Stadium. America against. Tigers It was measured on December 17, from 7:30 pm Central Mexican time, in the return match of the great national team. End of Apertura 2023. The first leg ended in a 1-1 draw, with Henri Martin scoring for the Águilas and Uziel Herrera for the Cats, leaving the switch completely open.

In a massive final that kept fans on the edge of their seats, América were crowned champions for the 14th time in Liga MX after an emotional duel against Tigres. Nahuel Guzman’s sending off early in the game left the visitors with nine men, a scenario which Aguilas capitalized on with goals from Richard Sanchez and Julian Quiñones.

Despite the clear numerical superiority, America showed flashes of mercy towards Tigres, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and emotion in the Estadio Azteca, where the echo of the long-awaited title was palpable. But fate had a different outcome, and it was Capceta Rodriguez’s stunning goal that decided the match and handed the championship to the Aguilas.

The confrontation extended into extra time after the aggregate score was tied, adding to the excitement. Richard Sanchez and Julian Quiñones shone on a field where America, despite its dominance, showed moments of hesitation. Guzman’s sending off changed the dynamics of the game, while the Estadio Azteca resonated as the tournament approached. However, it was the exceptional skill of Cabecita Rodríguez that sealed the win, ensuring America’s undisputed Liga MX title in an unforgettable match.

This epic duel captured fans’ attention with drama and unbridled emotion. America, despite its clear numerical superiority, showed moments of compassion towards Tigres, which kept spectators in suspense at the Estadio Azteca eager to celebrate. However, Cabecita Rodríguez’s impeccable skill finally secured victory, sealing a memorable result and consecrating the team as the new Liga MX champions.

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In a confrontation that lasted more than 90 minutes, American determination and careful strategy prevailed amid the tension. Richard Sanchez and Julian Quiñones stood out in a confrontation in which America briefly showed signs of weakness, despite their clear dominance.

Guzman’s early dismissal changed the dynamic of the game, with Estadio Azteca buzzing with excitement at the prospect of an impending title shot. However, it was Cabecita Rodríguez’s stunning goal that finally secured victory and made America the undisputed champions of La Liga in an emotional duel.

Summary and lineup for the America vs. Tigers

This was the way America was going against the United States. Tigers

Team America tied 1-1 last Thursday with its guest, champion Tigres, in the first leg of the final of the inaugural Mexican tournament. Henri Martin scored for Aguilas and Ozil Herrera equalized for Tigres in Monterrey. Apertura’s decision will be made on Sunday at Estadio Azteca, home of the Azulcremas.

The best came in the second half, when America committed to the attack, and in the 47th minute they came close to taking the lead with a shot from Colombian Julian Quiñones, which was blocked by Argentine goalkeeper Nahuel Guzman. Jesús Angulo brought down Quiñones inside the area and caused a penalty kick for America, which Henry Martin converted into a goal.

America retreated and Tigres took control of the match. They started arriving from the wings, little by little they overwhelmed the opposition and in the 71st minute they equalized with a header from Herrera from a corner kick taken by Sebastian Córdova.

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When the locals were playing better, America took the ball from them and created a sense of danger, despite their lack of intensity. Although the result may seem positive for the Eagles, Brazilian coach Andre Jardin’s team will have to win at home. Team America is seeking to win its fourteenth title to confirm itself as the team with the largest number of league titles in Mexico, and Tigres is also seeking to achieve its ninth title, which will be its seventh in the last 12 years.

What time is the USA match played? Tigers?

match America vs. Tigres in the final second leg of the Liga MX 2023 Apertura starting at 7:30pm in central Mexico. Unlike the first leg, this encounter will be played early in prime time on Sunday and you can enjoy it on open TV.

On which channels to watch the America vs. Tigers?

As we mentioned, you can watch this match on open TV and broadcast it America vs. The second leg of the Apertura 2023 final will be broadcast on Televisa 5 and TV Azteca 7 Deportes.. Plus, you can enjoy it on TUDN and on the ViX Premium streaming signal, which will take you minute-by-minute of the game.

America vs. Tigres played in the first leg of the Apertura Mexican Championship (Photo: @ClubAmerica).

America vs. Tigers: Possible lineups

  • America: Luis Ángel Malagon; Luis Fuentes, Sebastian Cáceres, Igor Lechnovsky, Miguel León, Jonathan dos Santos, Alvaro Fidalgo, Julian Quiñones, Alejandro Zendejas, Diego Valdes, Henry Martín.
  • Tigers: Nahuel Guzman; Javier Aquino, Guido Pizarro, Samir, Jesus Angulo; Fernando Gurriarán, Rafael Carioca; Sebastian Cordova, Juan Pablo Vijon, Diego Linez, Andre-Pierre Gignac.
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History of America Vs. Tigers in the final

  • Inaugural tournament 2014: Tigres 1-0 America – first leg
  • Inaugural tournament 2014: America 3-0 Tigres – Final comeback
  • Concha Champions 2016: Tigres 0-2 America – first leg
  • Conchampons 2016: America 2-1 Tigres – second leg of the final
  • Inaugural tournament 2016: America 1-1 Tigres – first leg
  • Inaugural tournament 2016: Tigres 1-1 America – Final round
  • Opening tournament 2023: Tigres 1-1 America – first leg

Latest results of the Tigres vs. America in Liga MX

  • America 1-0 Tigres – Opening Championship 2021
  • Tigres 0-2 America – Clausura 2022
  • America 2-1 Tigres – Opening Championship 2022
  • Tigres 0-2 America – Clausura 2023
  • Tigres 0-0 America – Opening Championship 2023
  • Tigres 1-1 America – first leg of the 2023 inaugural tournament final