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America will sign with one of the best players in Latin America

America will sign with one of the best players in Latin America

The Eagles are targeting a central defender who is listed as one of the best players on the continent.

Club America is finally heading into the booster category.
© picture 7Club America is finally heading into the booster category.

USA Several changes are proposed in the summer and one of them is to strengthen the team, again, as it appears that the senior leadership was not satisfied with the team that was formed together for the Clausura 2022 tournament. Despite the fact that Jorge Merry recently arrivedin the nest They are targeting a player in defense Who draws to be a star?

with the Constant criticism of Bruno Valdez and Sebastián Cáceres, the Águilas have a Mexican soccer player on their radar who has been featured in Liga MX for several months and was recently Included in the perfect squad for U-23 players from all over Latin America.

it’s about kings of israel, the defender of Puebla who is today a pillar of Larcamon, with everything and who is barely 21 years old. His performance today led him to be considered one of the The best guys during the month of Marchthis is in the post sofascoreThe famous data and statistics website.

Reyes shares eleven with Pablo Solari, the Argentine winger from Colo Colo who looked strong to reach America at the start of 2022, but Negotiations are completely over Resolutely directed by Cacique. like South America Israel was about to sign the Azulcrema Before Cluasura 2022.

Why didn’t Salvador Reyes come to America at Clausura 2022?

It is a fact that the board of directors headed by Santiago Baños showed an interest in the Puebla centre-back, but the possibilities were closed when Nicholas was closed. Larcamón has asked the Strip board to keep the footballer, because he considers it an essential part of the project. Now, facing the 2022 opening, the Eagles can return to the battle for Reyes, although the fight will not be easy, because there Other interested teams In the jewel of Puebla.

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