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America was going to look for Andre Jardine to be the new head coach

America was going to look for Andre Jardine to be the new head coach

after The passing of Fernando Ortiz to America Elimination in the semi-finals End of 2023 against ChivasThe board of directors of the Al-Nusour team is already looking for candidates to sit on the bench for the team in the next tournament, which will start on June 30.

According to information from Argentine journalist Cesar Luis Merlo, the board of directors of America, Headed by Santiago Baños and Hector González Iñárritu, it already had an approach with the Brazilian strategist Saint Louis AthleticAnd Andre Jardine.

Brazilian meet profile who the Eagles For his technical guidance, because he is a coach You know Mexican footballHe is hurtful showed defensive force In their clubs a sample of what was done with Potocinos.

garden Not only did he show his ability in Mexican footballHe was also the coach of the Brazilian national team that won the gold medal in the past Tokyo 2020 Olympics This coincidentally eliminated Mexico in the semi-finals.

They must pay condition

If they want to get Amazon, that’s it the Eagles They will have to pay termination clause to Saint Louis AthleticWell, the helmsman still has a valid contract for another year and will have to negotiate this issue.

It must be remembered that during the Liguilla in this tournament the Brazilian team faced America In the quarter-finals and after scaring them off with a complicated tie, in the end he was full of praise for the Eagles.

he America You will have a few days to continue searching for candidates and thus you will be able to start the pre-training, which will then begin June 6 next There, the team must present itself with a coach who will restore the illusion of America feeling pain Because of the way they were eliminated by their arch-rival.

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