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America vs.  Cruz Azul: Why wasn't Zendejas awarded a penalty?

America vs. Cruz Azul: Why wasn't Zendejas awarded a penalty?

Last Saturday Young Classic Mexican football between America And Blue crossa narrow victory for the Aguilas, but the play that sparked controversy was clearly lacking Eric Lira In the area around Alejandro Zendegas For the Aguilas in the second half, for whom the referee decided not to award a penalty kick, with an assist Video Assistant Referee.

As he had been doing all along Closing 2024 Follower mx league, the Referees Committee He published an explanation of the step on social media, and also added, to make the decision transparent, audio recordings of what was circulated between Oscar Mejia Those responsible for the video refereeing of the match.

Whistle in the middle of the match being played Aztec Stadium He was the first to express himself about the event by communicating with his colleagues, explaining why this play was not initially classified as a play loss.

“Nothing, nothing, his foot is planted on the ground… and the other player is already relaxing.”

after this, Video Assistant Referee He asks Mejía for time so he can check the play from different angles and at different speeds, and after a few seconds they agree to evaluate the play. to rule They chose to continue the match at the beginning of the second half.

“Everything is fine in the area, Oscar.”

What is the interpretation of the play on Zendejas?

Before revealing this communication between the two whistlers, Judgement comity She explains that Lyra leaves her leg planted in the grass when she arrives ZendegasAnd he always tries to play ball, even though he doesn't succeed. Likewise, he adds that the attacker simulates azulcrema before the connection occurs.

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This was his only play Young Classic Where is the audio? Video Assistant RefereeBut he was not the only one they analyzed in the match, since the first half America It had four goals canceled, some of which were verified by video referee technology and its transmitters.