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Ecuador puts Paraguay in trouble in Qatar 2022 qualifiers |  football |  Sports

Ecuador puts Paraguay in trouble in Qatar 2022 qualifiers | football | Sports

Argentine Eduardo Perizzo’s team has not taken off, and sports professionals no longer limit themselves when it comes to voicing their acid criticism.

France Press agency

Disappointment is spreading in Paraguay after Thursday’s agonizing defeat to Ecuador in Quito when they appeared to dominate Perugia and are now between rock and hard with a commitment to victory to encourage qualification options for Qatar 2022.

The next two home games remaining from the September group, against Colombia and Venezuela, will be key to GuaranĂ­’s future.

Argentine Eduardo Berizzo’s team has not taken off and sports professionals are no longer moderate when it comes to voicing their harsh criticism of the Alberuga coach.

GuaranĂ­es appeared at the height of Quito (2,850 metres) with a weak side in defense and attack, with a sense of absence like their captain, center back Gustavo Gomez and left back Omar Alderet, both suspended.

Adding to his misfortune, one of the mainstays of the defence, Alberto Espinola, left the field injured, as did sidecar Santiago Arzamendia.

Junior Alonso has been added to break up the starting defence, which will be sidelined due to the card pileup.

Before that, the absence of his main source, Miguel Almiron, was infamous, banning his club, Newcastle, from travel on the basis of pandemic protocols.

Robert Harrison, President of the Paraguayan Football Association (APF) has announced that he has already submitted a claim to FIFA for damages to his selected team.

Berizzo promoted the entry of four players for the first time against the “trio”: midfielders Hugo Martinez, Brian Ojeda, Jose Florentine and striker Luis Amarilla.

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However, the dream of Qatar 2022 is dangerously far from Paraguay, unless the “miracle” of two consecutive victories is achieved, against Colombia on Sunday and Venezuela next Thursday.

The next combo seems more difficult

The following narrative sounds a lot tougher on paper. The red-haired team must face the champions of the Copa America, Argentina and Bolivia at the height of La Paz (3600 metres).

The Paraguayan coach excused himself from attending the post-match press conference with Ecuador citing an upset stomach, likely to avoid a barrage of criticism from sports professionals.

He obviously accused the opposite effect, with more bitterness for his occurrence in the final minutes of the match.

Paraguay has already collected five consecutive matches without winning the playoffs. Until two past dates, Berizzo’s eleven team was undefeated, but with a win and four draws.

In his last two performances he suffered defeats. The GuaranĂ­ was only able to defeat Venezuela on October 13, 2020.

Since then, Perugia have had 1-1 against Argentina, 2-2 against Bolivia and 0-0 against Uruguay. They lost 0-2 against Brazil in Asuncion and now they struggled 0-2 in Quito against Ecuador. (Dr)