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America de Cali: Analysis of the Juan Carlos Osorio project: the ups and downs, errors and shortcomings |  Colombian football |  Betplay League

America de Cali: Analysis of the Juan Carlos Osorio project: the ups and downs, errors and shortcomings | Colombian football | Betplay League

There are 7 dates for the BetPlay II-2021 Championship and although it is still among the eight (7th with 11 points), América de Cali’s collective operation continues to leave serious questions in recent confrontations.

The good start was exciting. He was a team sometimes and sometimes he came through live play. Thus he won 1-3 to Aguilas Doradas, 3-1 to Junior, and went on to work to defeat Lance Caldas 1-0, but since August 7, he has not added three points.

He also lost 1-0 with Envigado and 2-0 with Medellín, in the only match he won led by Hernán Darío ‘Bolillo’ Gómez, tied 0-0 with Patriotas in Cali on the sixth date and 1-1 with Santa Feith on the seventh day.

The player who was signed amid doubts due to his history of indiscipline as Gustavo Torres scored twice in Rionegro and did not score again later, now appears confused in attack and anxious in his decision making. Likewise, Adrien Ramos lost the exact weight he gave to the front.

Besides the constant training that Risaralda’s coach follows as a philosophy, what worries fans and sports history the most is that the team still doesn’t produce a good feel with one or the other. In each day, there were three, four or seven variants, with exacerbations finding out a lot in the background.

Even more disturbing is to see the lack of self-criticism of the Red coach, who may be one of the few to consider that his team did not suffer from the Santa Fe game in El Campin, with goalkeeper Joel Graterol being the great figure. With his multiple saves, Deinner Quiñones painfully saved the point with a superb goal.

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That first half in Bogota showed the enormous spaces left by the defense, a sector in which Pablo Ortiz played one of his worst matches, slipping and leading to quick transfers, and luckily for Valle del Cauca, his rival from the capital did not specify.

True, the championship is barely 30%, but the Crimson team will have to improve a lot in its defensive lines and recovery, as well as in generating clear actions in the competing area, as well as having a little more calm in the selection.

Incredibly it was 370 minutes without a goal scored, until Deinner Quiñones invented that one-on-one maneuver that overtook Castellanos to save a point in the last minute.

It is known that the Osorio in the Scarlet Box project was initially approved for two years, with various requirements such as the construction of a high-performance center in Cascajal and the players who are now part of the team. As long as he does not have an offer from the outside, there is no desire on the part of Tulio Gomez to terminate the contract, as he considers that after Gabriel Ochoa Uribe is the longest-lived coach who took the reins of the club in the following years.

This means that the fans and the sports press must be patient until the end of the perfect training sessions, the red crew can find the level that Juan Carlos Osorio wants, yes, when he realizes the shortcomings that today add to the hopelessness of the eleventh.

On Wednesday (5:30pm) one of the key tests will be a visit to the Jaguares in Montería, where they need a win to advance to the quarter-finals of the BetPlay League, after a goalless draw in Cali and struggling with skilled strikers. heavenly.

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Looking at the last three coaches who led the Devils in their first 10 matches, Alexandre Guimarães had 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, with a production rate of 60%; Juan Cruz Real has 4 wins, 3 draws and losses (50%), while Osorio has collected 3 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses (40%), 7 of them by Liga BetPlay II-2021, 2 from Copa Sudamericana and 1 from Copa BetPlay . His team scored 8 goals and conceded 6 goals against +2 in goal difference.

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