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America can sign Arturo Vidal for free

America can sign Arturo Vidal for free

The planned restructuring of Club América and Arturo Vidal’s contractual position with Inter makes negotiations more than viable.

Arturo Vidal can arrive in America for the 2022 opening
© picture 7Arturo Vidal can arrive in America for the 2022 opening

It’s no secret that Arturo Vidal longs to come to America one day As a wonderful reinforcement the reality is that Summer 2022 schedule is ready Negotiations are to take place and bear fruit.

Given the crisis that Águilas is facing at Clausura 2022, the club’s senior leadership is already considering implementing A series of changes that help improve the situationincluding his own Checo Pérez revealed that Emilio Azcárragathe owner of the equipment, is the person who implements the new layout.

All mods in America will match that King Arthur terminates his contract with Inter Soon, as the 34-year-old Chilean has already begun weighing options to continue his career, although at the moment his goal is to achieve a miracle. Go to the Qatar World Cup 2022 with your country.

At the time, Vidal expressed the following: “I want to play in America, I like to go… I need attention on both sides. If that happens to me one day, I’m happyThe Andean midfielder commented in an interview with TUDNin June 2021.

How much does Arturo Vidal currently earn? Details of his contract with Inter

The The salary of the Chilean is 6.5 million euros, net per season With the Nerazzurri plate. It’s a high number that not every team can push, but America has the opportunity to do so, since Vidal what or whatFree space in June 2022 Inter aims to let him go and invest that money in new signings. This means that Arturo can access Coapa for free, although the last word is with Blue cream managers.

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