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amazing! eBay Janus reveals that he will sign Rambo de Leon and Albert Ellis to play with Porcinos in the Kings League

He told the Spaniard via Twitch feed that he would be signing Rambo de Leon and “Panterita” to his team.

the Kings League It was growing every single day, week and month, thanks to the amazing work they didBy Janus and Gerard Pique During the first tournament where the team was crowned champion.neighborhood’.

Broadcast by eBay Janus this Tuesday, he was looking for players from Latin America to sign with his team, Porcinos FC, who currently play in the Kings League and were eliminated in the quarter-finals last year.

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During a Twitch broadcast, eBay asked his followers for help choosing who he would sign from the country of Honduras. The Spaniard ended up being named and selected as a striker Pristo StadiumAlbert Ellis and the legendary player of the national team, Julio César Rambo de Leon, as primary candidates to join the Borcinos club.

“For Honduras, 43-year-old Rambo de Leon. And Alberth Ellis is with the Honduras national team,” said Ibay Llanos during the live broadcast.

Honduras is already there

Eybis Maviel Medina Giron32 years old, signed with Troncas FC, a team led by the famous Spanish YouTuber Perxita, one of the most famous teams in the competition, to join his new club, which will be in the Queens League, being the first Catracha to participate in this famous competition.