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Almost 5 thousand stores to export in USA

Almost 5 thousand stores to export in USA

This year, there was “good news” for Cubans living in the U.S., after the Republican Donald Trump’s government closed it in November 2020 for remittances to Cuba, and the Western Union reopened in this decision. They had to spend three years on it, when everyone recognized that the inhabitants of the island depended on this help from their relatives.

It all started with a “pilot” program that focused on sending dollars from a few points in Miami, a city with a large Cuban population in the north country, and then little by little it was extended to the rest of Florida and beyond. A few months ago, to the rest of the country and Puerto Rico.

Along with its Cuban counterpart, Orbit SA, dollars from the United States can be deposited directly into island residents’ freely convertible currency (MLC) magnetic cards. A card used to make purchases at shops in MLC, along with some basic items and food.

How to send money to Cuba with Western Union?

From the U.S., funds will arrive directly to bank accounts and debit cards at the following Cuban banks: Banco Popular de Ahorro, Banco Metropolitano SA and Banco de Crédito y Comercio (Bandec). You can do it from the convenience of the website Western Unionmobile app or at more than 4,400 retail stores in the US and Puerto Rico.

Sending money from USA to Cuba via Western Union to non-relatives? According to its official website, individuals who are not family members but cannot be members of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) can earn up to at least $2,000 per quarter.

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You can send money to Cuba to: support humanitarian projects, promote private businesses and support Cuban society. That is explained by Western Union “For details on this office’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) clearances and the restrictions that apply to them,” you should seek a Western agent.