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Alleged fraud lawsuits against Chris Agront add up to nearly half a million dollars

Alleged fraud lawsuits against Chris Agront add up to nearly half a million dollars

Complaints of alleged fraud against the entrepreneur and influencer Jorge Christian Batista Agronteknown on social networks as Chris Agronte, numbered seven and totaled nearly $500,000, confirmed the director of the San Juan Corps of Criminal Investigations (CIC), Inspector Edwin Figueroa Maldonado.

According to the official, all of the complaints point to alleged breaches of contracts related to investment management by Batista Agronte, who in February pleaded guilty to four counts of tax evasion.

“All (the complainants) agree on the same thing: that they do not have the money they gave (to the businessman), nor what they promised him)”via Figueroa to questions from The new day.


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According to the inspector, several of the complainants have already been interviewed by the Crimes Against Property and Fraud Division of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

“They (the complainants) are being questioned to find out what the fraud is and the type of investigation we will do will depend on the interviews.”He expressed. “They (the plaintiffs) are harmed by those who claim that they are losing money and their interest is to recover it.”

Complaints against Batista Agronte began to be filed at the beginning of May with the police. Mostly, thousands of dollars are being paid for courses they supposedly didn’t take, as well as little earnings from investments in some employer-offered software.

According to the uniform’s press office, the last two complaints were received last Tuesday.

One of the complainants denounced that, in December 2021, he paid $64,000 to a businessman to take a VIP crypto course worth 50k, but has not received any response yet, as he has not returned his calls.

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Meanwhile, another person indicated that after paying the same amount of $64,000 to Batista Agronte for the same course in January 2022, he also did not receive a response, despite multiple efforts through calls, letters, and emails.

The influencer promotes himself as an expert in the currency exchange, otherwise known as “Forex” through his website JetTrades LLC, which he investigated He amassed a fortune of $11 million by offering courses on financial topics through social networks.

However, the young man does not have a license as a stockbroker, as previously reported by this newspaper, and it was not revealed that he has formal academic preparation in financial discipline.

Batista Agronte was charged in July 2022 with underreporting more than $11 million in income and with failing to pay the Treasury Department about $7.6 million between 2017 and 2022, a figure that included interest and penalties.

After reaching an agreement with the prosecutor’s office, the businessman pleaded guilty. The commitment made with the Treasury includes paying $8.3 million and providing hours of community service to counsel and educate, specifically, on tax aspects.