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all over the world!  The luxurious and romantic honeymoon of Paris Hilton and Carter Rueme |  Pictures

all over the world! The luxurious and romantic honeymoon of Paris Hilton and Carter Rueme | Pictures

Paris Hilton He surprised his fans by revealing last November that he had arrived at the altar with the Empresario Carter’s RheumAnd now the socialite is celebrating it honeymoon Surrounded by luxury and paradise destinations that will take you all over the world.

the Hilton Heiress We shared some details about everything related to his commitment Bachelor party On a private island with details bearing his picture, even the three-day wedding and now honeymoon that lasted more than a month.

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Paris Hilton started her honeymoon in Bora BoraAlthough they didn’t do it alone because socialites’ parents Rick and Kathy Hilton, as well as siblings Conrad and Baron Hilton, and sister-in-law, accompanied them on their first stop according to the magazine Hello!

Then the couple traveled to Virgin Islands, one of the favorite destinations for billionaires because in addition to providing privacy to its guests, it also offers the luxury that Paris Hilton has shown to enjoy.

Activities under the sun

During their trip, the couple did various activities together, such as snorkeling and Swimming with stingrays. They also strolled and enjoyed the sun on luxury yachts where they spent the night looking up at the stars.

In addition, they disputed the extravagant hotels such as the underwater hotel the moldive Islands Where they were going to celebrate the holidays because her fiancé looks like he’s wearing a Santa Claus suit.

Paris Hilton and her husband in the Maldives. Photo: Instagram @parishilton

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Although the couple stopped on their honeymoon during the month of December to celebrate Christmas with their families, they got back on their romantic journey by stopping in the cool streets of London to spend part of the festivities without neglecting the luxury.

The couple called this marital adventure “Honeymoon tour around the world’, so it is expected that they will continue to travel and visit other places where they will leave the beach and sun aside to enter new destinations.

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