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Alex Chop Attorney and Cape Verde - Attacking the Prime Minister of the Intelligence Division

Alex Chop Attorney and Cape Verde – Attacking the Prime Minister of the Intelligence Division

Barranquilero Alex Saab, named after Nicolas Maduro’s president, is preparing against a Cape Verde lawyer. Jose Landim, And his Prime Minister, Ulysses Korea.

By the time the country’s Constitutional Court was about to decide whether to extradite him to the United States, Saab had charged both officials. Lie hiding information Around your process.

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Luis Jose Landim, Attorney General of Cape Verde, is attacked by Saab in his letter.

Saab mentions A long open letter Although Nicolas Maduro undertook a mission for the security and national interest of the government, he was practically “expelled” from the plane that had stopped flying to Iran.

“That day, June 12 (2020), was when I was on a special humanitarian mission Islamic Republic of Iran, And the aircraft on which he flew was duly approved for landing and refueling at Cape Verde, during these technical stops, no one disembarked from the aircraft. However, an inspector is corporal Natalino Belt He almost beat me off the plane, claiming he had an arrest warrant against me, “said Chap, who has been added to the UK’s list of corrupt businessmen.

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Iranian intervention

“A few hours after I was abducted, the governments of Venezuela and the Republic
The Islamic Republic of Iran, once informed, confirmed my position as Special Envoy to the Cape Verde Government. “

In the document, Saab acknowledges that Iran had recommended the Cape Verdean government on its behalf, and that at that time, prosecutors had launched attacks against Landim. In addition, it refers to the back His capture as a kidnapper.

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“Hours after my abduction, the governments of the Islamic Republic of Venezuela and Iran were once informed and confirmed to the Cape Verde government.
Ambassador, My position as a spice ambassadorl “, Cesala Chop.

Adds: “Attorney General of Cape Verde It takes a year to “find a bug”, but here in a year, not months, not weeks, not days, but in a few hours there is clear evidence that Cape Verde was formally and officially informed of a major mistake. He deliberately decided not to do anything, “said the Baranquila man, who has been charged with one count of money laundering in the United States.

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What are you looking for?

For the rest of the letter, he accused Korea of ​​ignoring his arguments and providing false information to the authorities. Constitutional Court.

“This is, above all, when your government officials
They claim that the matter entrusted to them is in the hands of the courts, and they are not honest. Prime Minister, Ulysses Korea, From the moment I got off the plane he turned my arrest, detention and extradition into a political issue. When Cape Verde and the United States learned that I was a legally appointed special agent, they knew they would have a major legal battle on their hands, “said Chap. Detained for 400 days.

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The last word

According to Chapin, his defense committee has been pointing out the flaws in the process for more than a year: “Only now is Jose Landim paying attention because he knows the Constitutional Court has not gone. Bear their games and half-truths“.

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Anyway, Constitutional Court He has already warned Sabine’s lawyers that in light of the internal rules, the appellate court is limited to evaluating the decision it has already made. The Supreme Court of Cape Verde led the way in handing over the soup.

In fact, the UN. He denied the precautionary measures demanded by the Human Rights Commission, which called for a halt to the extradition for at least eight months.

The review continues and an important decision is immediate.

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