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Aleska Genesis shows off her fall

Aleska Genesis shows off her fall

The Venezuelan model Aleska Génesis has been in the public eye, because last November on social networks a video of her appears to make Magic by Nicky Jamwho was his partner.

For these clips, the model was the victim of insults and ridicule. In an interview with Telemundo, the woman admitted that the supposed “hookup” she was doing with the reggaeton player was part of a prank she pulled in the company of two friends, who had betrayed her by posting the pictures on the Internet.

but, Aliska has returned to being a trend on social media by posting some pictures in which it is revealed that the model suffers from a serious case of alopecia.. In addition, he explained that his current condition appeared three months ago.

On his official Instagram account, Genesis shared several photos showing some unpopulated areas in his hair. He also commented that he had to deal with other health issues, such as anxiety.

“I have tried to show you the best posture and best face I can (as in these first photos) but I cannot deny that I was very emotionally affected… I went through this whole process in silence, suffering in silence”reads the post.

The woman admitted that she suffers from insomnia, pain and stress. “I have been taking anxiety treatments and this started 3 months ago since I decided to sever a relationship and completely connect with someone who hurt, abused and violated me for five years and today he still does that and has had no mercy with me”Wrote.

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He also revealed that three months ago he was a victim of abuse and harassment by the partner he had before Nicky Jam. He even admitted that he took legal action against this person and asked for a restraining order.

On Instagram, the model Show the painful treatment he has to undergo to restore her hair.

“For the ignorant ones who think I shaved my hair, well, no! This is how it began to fall out, forming holes until they joined and little by little they were growing more,” he wrote.