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Photo: Carly Ruiz once again shows off her redhead and turns up the heat with a white bikini

Photo: Carly Ruiz once again shows off her redhead and turns up the heat with a white bikini

Carly Ruiz is a Mexican model Most successful in Only FansThe king is distinguished by the fact that he captivates millions of his followers. On this occasion very little is left to the imagination, and She appears again with red hair, which has led to a fever When she wears a white bikini, it shows off her curvaceous figure.

The influencer stands out in the networks with her bold looks. Through her Instagram profile, she posted the home of Monterrey A photo where she is seen wearing a white mini bikini, as she shows off her work figure. A post that elicited different reactions, for now Already accumulating more than 285 thousand likes.

Karely Ruiz steals the networks sigh. | Instagram photo karelyruiz

Another detail that Attention was also drawn to her red-dyed hairwhich left various comments from him 7.2 million followers. “You are my God,” “The Highest Peak in Mexico,” “Are You Sure You’re Human?” were some of his followers’ notes.

Carly Ruiz proposes to Yeri Mua to take sensual photos. What did Garrucha say?

Without a doubt two of the most popular women, Sensual and beautiful from the moment They are the famous Monterey model Only fans are Karel Ruiz and Yerry Moa from Veracruz Who is the current queen of that country’s carnival in ours, though Separately so successful, the two could be collaborating very soon.

It was a few weeks ago when both beautiful women met on the catwalk There they turned up the heat because they decided to do something unexpected: kiss. Since then, followers of both YEri Mua as Karily Ruiz asks to see them together more oftento which a Monterrey woman made a very principled proposal to the Garucha.

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