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Alert in social networks about the disappearance of a teenager in Santiago de Cuba for six days

Alert in social networks about the disappearance of a teenager in Santiago de Cuba for six days

Cuban profiles in social networks warning of vanishement from one in adolescence14 years old, in Santiago de Cuba for six days.

“Please help. With the permission of those in charge, I know this group is not for this… Since early Tuesday morning, 7/4/23, my 14-year-old sister, Delene Texido Pantoja, has gone missing… Please if any go Someone to contact us, your parents and relatives are in despair, ”the two noted in a profile Facebook “360 Santiago de Cuba Buying and selling Cuba “Danae Tuxedo’s minor sister.

He also commented that he resorted to “this path as a last resort, but we did not hear from her, and she did not communicate with us either.” Please I need everyone’s help, any useful information. We don’t know where it might be. If anyone sees it, they can call these numbers: 51076006, 53959164 and 58815273.

Yasser Facebook / “360 Santiago de Cuba Buying and Selling Cuba”.

This same post was also shared on profile account From another brother of the missing girl, Gabriel Enrique Tuxedo, and from other Facebook pages.

The leaflets did not provide further details about the circumstances of the minor’s disappearance in the early hours of last Tuesday. Nor did the authorities provide information on the search for the teenager.

In the comments of the posts, users wish the family that the girl will soon look “safe and sound”, as well as ask the authorities to immediately solve the case of a new missing minor.

This is not the first time that alerts have been circulated about the disappearance of minors in Cuba.

Yasser Facebook/ Gabriel Enrique Tuxedo

Last May, the Cuban boy’s family Abraham Rose Palacios13, sought help with networks to locate him, after he disappeared in Guanapacoa, Havana.

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In addition, the Cuban girl debuted in March Analia Layanette Carmona Perez, 12 years oldafter 17 days away from home in Habana.

A month ago, it was also reported that he had been found safe and sound Anthony Fernandeza 14-year-old Cuban teenager, disappeared in the commune Oct. 10in Habana.