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After a complaint call, they capture Cuban immigrants hiding in a motel in Mexico

After a complaint call, they capture Cuban immigrants hiding in a motel in Mexico

Mexican media reported that 24 Cuban migrants were found in a motel and handed over to the National Migration Agency.

According to reported On the front page, police officers received an emergency call to 911 last Thursday, requesting assistance from the Hidalgo State Security Agency.

The call came from San Isidro Labrador Street, located in the El Montecillo neighborhood in the city of Tula, specifically from the Los Pinos Motel.

According to the description provided, security forces arriving at the scene “confirmed the presence of a substantial group of men and women of foreign origin. In this situation, immigration authorities are notified to determine the legal status of these persons in the country.

Later, agents of the National Migration Institute (INM) went to the scene and after conducting assessments and procedures, decided to transfer a total of 24 people from Hidalgo to their facilities in the state city of Pachuca de Soto.

The 16 men and 8 women were Cuban nationals and were reported to have entered Mexico illegally.

Cubans holed up in a motel in Mexico

“In order to ensure a safe and orderly transfer, two units of the Hidalgo State Security Agency provided security as the convoy moved to the facilities of the National Migration Agency,” the aforementioned media said in its note.

Two weeks ago, the Mexican government started Deportation As a result of the new crisis created by illegal aliens in its territory. He has already flown 138 Cubans to the island on a Viva Airbus charter flight.

Thousands of undocumented Cubans in Mexico or in towns like Tapachula on the border with Guatemala are at risk of deportation from the Aztec country, waiting for their documents.