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Adán Celis was elected Fedecámaras’ new president

Adán Celis was elected Fedecámaras’ new president

On Friday night, Fedecámaras swore on its new board of directors that it will run the country’s highest business body until 2025.

The Fedecamaras National Management Committee for the period 2023-2025 consisted of:

President: Adam Seles
Senior Vice President Felipe Capuzzulo
Second Vice President Tiziana Poliselle
Treasurer: Rafael Trejo

During his speech, Seles thanked the associates for their hospitality during the national tour they have undertaken in recent months. He also thanked his family and friends.

“It’s time to keep dreaming. The message of hope from this team, made up of Felipe Capuzulu, Tiziana Pulisiel, Rafael Trejo and myself, is a call to keep working to be the successful country we all want to be. Venezuela is waking up to action, work, commitment and effort. Venezuela is at the service of its people.

We will discover a new profession for Venezuela. With you, the entrepreneurs who continue to demonstrate their commitment to their employees on a daily basis. Chambers and assemblies which, anywhere in the country, regardless of difficulties, keep the flame of trade unions, the flame of unity. From the constant struggle to defend the interests of its associate. for decent work.”

Celes acknowledged the work of Pedro Rivas, who was aspiring to the presidency of the civil society, but refused to participate in the second round, stating that “he was withdrawing from the race in favor of the trade union establishment.”

«Pedro Rivas, like me, loves this country above all else and that, throughout this campaign, he has been a good opponent. Pedro: I invite you and your support to work together, to support us in this effort. The unity of a union like this is an essential part of continuing to contribute our strength to Venezuela.”

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