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Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa: The whole truth about their relationship status |  Fame

Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa: The whole truth about their relationship status | Fame

The trip they took to Europe s , just two weeks after , has sparked much speculation about a possible reconciliation, but since there is no confirmation from either side, the status of their relationship remains a mystery.

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Tony Costa, during his trip to Europe, posted photos and live videos of the trip, where his daughter Ala is always seen, and in some of them the host of “Hoy día” can be seen. And despite the messages sent by followers about whether their breakup was “fake” and “took them on tour”, the dancer made it clear that they put his daughter Ali’s happiness first. “No one here made fun of anyone; ‘We only spend time with our daughter,'” he replied.

However, the dancer did not close the door of reconciliation with Adamare Lopez. “With all the affection, respect and gratitude I have for you, I let you know that Adamari and I are temporarily separated”In the document, it reads that it has spread through his social networks. The couple had spent 10 years together.

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Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa got together for the good of their daughter (Image: Tony Costa/Instagram)

What does Adamari Lopez say about the situation with his partner?

For Puerto Rican actress and host, Adamari Lopez, the end of the relationship seems to be becoming more and more apparent. On July 7, she uploaded photos from her recent family vacation, showing off her new personality and cute outfits. Although he posted it “He really enjoyed his vacation”The Puerto Rican artist only uploaded the pictures with her daughter Alia. The Spanish Zumba trainer is nowhere to be found. Do not show.

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When he announced his split from Spaniard Tony Costa, Adamari Lopez said that on his show, “Hoy día,” he learned to respect himself, love himself, and prioritize himself as a result of the process of changing habits to be healthier. It was as a result of him seeing that he was no good inside his partner and he finally decided to act in that direction.

Soon, he announced that he would try to get his family back, for the sake of the 6-year-old.

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Did TONI COSTA and ADAMARI LÓPEZ delete their photos from Instagram?

About the separation of the spouses, there were accusations of infidelity on her part, and rumors about the possible homosexuality of Tony Costa. However, the family went on vacation to Italy together and they posted pictures. So far neither of them have removed the photos they have together, as a couple or as a family, on their Instagram accounts, as everyone watches their novel with anticipation.

ADAMARI LÓPEZ continues to wear the engagement ring given to him by TONI COSTA

A few weeks ago, Tony Costa indicated that he has not given up hope of returning to Lopez. In a conversation with People in Spanish, he revealed, in fact, that he wanted to resume their relationship. “We intend to work on the relationship…and hopefully we can resume it.” [nuestro amor]”, He said.

However, this will not be the only sign of a possible reconciliation. Netizens also came to their own conclusions afterwards Adamari López made history on Instagram, being seen with her engagement ring.

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It was noted in the video that the actress told her followers that she was going on a trip to Spain and while speaking, she showed off her ring.