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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this woman has the largest mouth in the world

(CNN) – Tic Tac Toe It is full of users with big mouths, but a social media star proved that hers is really huge.

Los Guinness World Record Samantha Ramstell of Connecticut confirmed that she holds this record The largest open mouth in the world For a woman.

When its open mouth measures 6.56 centimeters and width, it reaches over 10 centimeters.

Ramstell said he always knew he had a big mouth, but when the “dictator kids” pointed out he had a record-sized mouth, he was encouraged to do so.

“I never thought my mouth could be so popular,” he said.

In his videos, there is a filling Mouth with three donuts, An update of his video fulfilling the request to eat two donuts at once. A fit in his mouth too Large frying pan.

However, it wasn’t always fun for her. Ramstell said he felt insecure about growing his mouth size.

Now, at 31, Ramstell is embracing his particular character 1.7 million followers on Dictok.

She said, “I was very insecure, I just wanted to keep it small,” but now it’s “one of the best and best things about me.”

“This is your super power. That is what makes you unique and special,” he said. “Everyone should celebrate making a difference for themselves.”

Ramstel hopes to one day run his own show using his humor, ingenuity and song.

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