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AAA opens two gates of the Carraízo Dam due to the high amount of rain deposited by a tropical wave

AAA opens two gates of the Carraízo Dam due to the high amount of rain deposited by a tropical wave

The Water and Sanitation Authority (AAA) announced, this Saturday evening, that Company employees carried out a controlled opening of the gates in Karizu Dam In Trujillo Alto due to precipitation deposited by a tropical wave that affected Puerto Rico since early in the day.

However, the executive director of the AAA metro area, the Engineer Roberto Martinez Toledowarning that although several gates have been opened in the Carraízo Dam is good news because it is of a good standard, He confirmed that almost the entire island is still under some degree of droughtin which he urged the public to continue with metering practices for water diversion.

We were on a conference call with employees from National Weather Service (SNM) It is estimated that four to six inches of precipitation has decreased in the Carraízo Basin region. This is great news and we have already been able to recharge the dam. Martinez Toledo explained that we are at a really good level and that is why we have the gates open new day.

“As good runoff approaches, we empty until the runoff drops to leave the dam at a level between 40.80 and 40.90 metres, which is the appropriate safety level,” he added.

Although the Carraízo Dam, which serves the municipalities of San Juan, Trujillo Alto, Carolina, Canovanas and Gurabo, was not in the process of operational adjustments, Martinez Toledo noted that the company was monitoring water levels in case they had to make a decision.

But, thank God, with these rains this possibility is lost. The number of gates (which will open) depends on the need. So far we have two gates open by a meter and a half, which is known as controlled discharge, and for now, we’ll leave it that way. If more runoff arrives, we’ll open more‘, highlighted the executive director of the metro area.

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Regarding the status of other reservoirs in Puerto Rico, Martinez Toledo said that all plants using intakes in the eastern region of the island have “recovered,” “so the situation (in that region) is generally positive,” he emphasized.

However, this is not the case for Lake Guajataca, which has not been seen to have received good runoff so far. And although something had fallen into La Plata Lake, it was still very little. “It does not mean that we are expected to have to go into a boycott plan, but the situation is not in such positive conditions as Carrizo,” said Martinez Toledo.

The Guajataca Lake Reservoir serves the municipalities of Moca, Aguadilla, Aguada, Isabela, San Sebastián, Quebradillas, and Puntas de Rincón, while La Plata Dorado, Guaynabo, Naranjito, Toa Alta, Toa Baja, Vega Alta, Bayamon, Cataño and Corozal cover.

“It is important to stress that these rains did not put an end to the drought. According to last Thursday’s drought monitoring report (the report is released every Thursday), more than 90 percent of the island was in some form of drought. It should be,” Martinez Toledo said. We’re seeing the report numbers for next Thursday, but we continue to call on the public to exercise caution in water consumption.”