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A young man returns his cell phone that was lost by a teacher in Ciego de Avila

A young man returns his cell phone that was lost by a teacher in Ciego de Avila

a A young Cuban woman found her teacher’s lost cell phone She immediately contacted her owner to return it to her.

The event occurred on Wednesday in Ciego de Avila, and is chronicled in Facebook by Wilfredo Osuna RodriguezDirector of the educational center where the lucky teacher works.

He wondered, “Who said that everything is lost? Youth is lost?”

Facebook capture / Wilfredo Osuna Rodriguez

Wilfredo thanked the named young man’s gesture Liam Rosabales Tanowhich He is dedicated to selling products on his bike.

“The cell phone of this teacher was found from the Aguedo Morales Reyna Private School on D Street, between Abraham Delgado and Narciso Lopez,” the center director explained.

“He opens his cell phone and the emergency phone number for his son appears on the screen. The young man calls and explains why he has the cell phone. The teacher’s son tells her where she can drop her off and she does. Our eternal gratitude. Thomas, this is a young man full of excellent values.”

Recently, in light of crises and economic, social and moral deterioration, similar stories have occurred, and when they spread on the Internet, they spread quickly.

And in another July A young man in Holguin returned his lost cell phone to its ownerWho expressed that his “gratitude will be forever.”

“I still can’t believe it, I lost my phone this morning when I was walking downtown, a young man named Yoel gave it back to me without hesitation and without any material thanks, because” “I don’t accept it. Yoel, I don’t think so,” said Armando Gonzalez, owner of Phone, on Facebook: “A lifetime would be enough to thank you for this important gesture.”

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In April, the story of A A Cuban taxi driver has already returned three phones left abandoned by his customers In his car due to negligence.

The gesture of the driver, whose name was not revealed, was shared in the “Havana Photos” group on Facebook, along with a photo of the taxi driver and his son bearing witness to those good deeds.

At the beginning of the year, A A young man returned his daughter’s cell phone to actor Luis Alberto GarciaWhich left him forgotten in the conservatory where he studied. The boy even took it home and in return asked the artist only for his autograph.

The actor said: “Two hours later he called me and I went down to meet him and pick up his cell phone. Is he apologizing because the buses are terrible?! He’s definitely not from now or from here.”