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A tropical depression forms and imminently threatens Pinar del Rio

A tropical depression forms and imminently threatens Pinar del Rio

A low pressure area in the Gulf of Mexico became the tenth tropical depression of the season on Saturday and threatened the Cuban province of Pinar del Rio as authorities issued an alert due to its proximity.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said broken part This organism causes heavy rains and floods in western Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Depression is expected It will become a hurricane over the eastern Gulf of Mexico The newspaper said that the hurricane will hit southern Florida with strong winds early next week.

For his part, issued a forecast center of the Institute of Meteorology a Alert for Pinar del RioHe confirmed that the air object was close to that area.

“The area of ​​low pressure has been better organized and has seen rapid development in the last 12-24 hours; showers and thunderstorms over the northwest Caribbean Sea, the Yucatan Channel and the western tip of Cuba. This area should be warned shortly before the storm gains its name.

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According to INSMET, there are favorable conditions for the occurrence of rain throughout the national territory.

He adds that since dawn there have been reports Continuous precipitation At the western end of Pinar del Río and the Isle of Youth, which is supposed to continue and increase in the rest of the western region today.

For his part, he told the local newspaper that the authorities in the westernmost province of Cuba had met and “analyzed the probability of heavy rain, which is high, with forecasts of more than 300 mm of accumulated rain within 72 hours, especially in the far west.” guerrilla.