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A storm looms in Paris Saint-Germain with Messi’s renewal

A storm looms in Paris Saint-Germain with Messi’s renewal

No.Or quietly go down the water Paris Saint-Germain. What should be all the merits of the French club, turned into a storm. friction between its two stars most popular , Leo Messi (world champion with Argentina in Qatar) f Kylian Mbappe (Final with France) you have He left an open wound among the PSG players. A wound that could increase with Messi’s renewal and his requests for the president Nasser Al-Khulaifi.

One of the most controversial gestures was after Messi’s return from his vacation. when wanted by his companions Honor him for winning in QatarAnd the Mbappe left a few days off, which is licensed by the club for the United States, where it can be seen, for example, in an NBA match. Until the DT for both of them in France, Galtier had to step in: “Leo hasn’t behaved badly and in the four months I’ve been here, I think The relationship between him and Killian is good. Killian’s attitude was good, he was disappointed by the defeat but went on to congratulate Leo with much class. I think this is good for the sport and the team.”

The corridor leading to Leo Messi upon his return to training with Paris Saint-Germain

But the images on the field at the World Cup final are clear. Both forgot the colors of the French club and They made a beckoning that didn’t go unnoticed. The moment quickly went viral and everyone commented on it.

Will Messi and Mbappe be able to continue living together?

The third star of Argentina was a hit on Rosario’s table. revamp it with Paris Saint-Germain It is being implemented and may raise some demands for its implementation. The first will undoubtedly become Sports project leaderwhich will leave Kylian Mbapp in the background, which we must remember as an aside His signature for Real Madrid, specifically to fill this place in the team led by Galtier. In addition, Messi can ask Continuity of his friend Neymar in the clubsomething that has been questioned in recent days, ever since The French club must also make an adjustment in its salary block. In addition, Messi has already seen how last summer he got rid of a couple of fans, like his teammates Angel Di Maria s Leo Paredes.

All this may again cause a storm within the club that will have a hard time leaving all parties happy. However Messi continues to be a clear target in Major League SoccerAgo Miami Inter He confirmed before the start of the tournament in Qatar that the talks with the Argentine were very advanced and that Mbappe, for his part, continues to show him. He is even willing to lower his symbol for a change of scenery If nothing changes within PSG.

For now, with Mbapp getting a few days off, Neither Neymar nor Messi will be present in the French Cup match that Paris Saint-Germain will play against Châteauroux of the third degree..

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