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A restaurant offers a viewing of the solar eclipse on April 8

A restaurant offers a viewing of the solar eclipse on April 8

Many residents of the United States They are waiting for Monday, the 8th of this month, to estimate the solar eclipse. For this reason, Americans will travel to different places to observe the event in the best way.

Many restaurant companies take advantage of this event to provide different meals. These companies suggest that family members and friends be able to eat while enjoying the eclipse.

Fast food chain Burger King is offering a free Whopper to Americans who pay for another burger. Burger King announces that this offer will be valid from the 8th to the 15th of this month.

Users will be able to access the promotion through the company's virtual space and through the BK app.

People associated with the Royal Perks plan will have the opportunity to benefit by writing a message that says ECLIPSE and is addressed to the number 251-251.

Citizens who are not members have the possibility to register for free on BK.com and the app.

Other companies also have attractive offers

At Kryspy Kreme they will be selling an exclusive donut during the days between the 5th and 8th of this month. The name of the product will be Total Solar Eclipse Donut and it will have the structure of the original glazed donut.

These donuts will be covered in dark chocolate, buttercream frosting, Oreo cookies, and silver sprinkles. Marco's Pizza establishments will be on sale at 50% off their regular prices through Sunday, April 14.

Pizza Hut has a promotion called Total Eclipse of the Hut, with a large pizza for $12.00. In these locations you can consume and order on the go, in addition to carrying out delivery service to your home.

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Residents will have the option to order ten ingredients in a pizza made to individual taste. You can also purchase traditional Thin'N Crispy pizza, handmade pizza, and original pizza.

Sonic Slush Drinks will create a Blackout Slush Float with flavor to Cotton candy and dragon fruit. This product will be accompanied by ice cream with blue and purple sprinkles.

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