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A new hit for Karol G in the middle of the concert!  The singer ended up crying

A new hit for Karol G in the middle of the concert! The singer ended up crying

He was barely coming out of the shock of the emergency landing of his private plane due to technical problems, when Carol J He had to face a new disappointment.

It happened at the next destination of her tour, Guatemala, where she was welcomed back to a full house with open arms for a massive concert.

However, something went wrong again with the artist on stage. A technical problem with the generators during the show caused problems, which made the Colombian singer feel frustrated and sad, and she was unable to hold back her tears.

Although she was upset at not being able to give the perfect presentation she used to, she also showed her feisty side and shared some inspiring words through tears.

Carol J.

EG/Carol J

“The power generators on the entire stage died,” she said, wiping her tears and determined to sing for her audience. “I don’t know what is happening so hard, but no matter what, I will not give up.”

Thousands of fans in attendance applauded non-stop and showed him all their support at this delicate moment. “I've come to see a show, and we're going to do it,” he continued, his voice broken.

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no sooner said than done. Despite the technical fluctuations, the artist gave her all and sang her set with more enthusiasm than ever before, generating for herself and her audience all that energy that slowed down the generators. The result was an amazing concert in which love and unity triumphed.

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