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Publican la lista de los 50 aeropuertos de EE.UU. donde se creará una zona de amortiguamiento de 5G

A list of 50 airports in the US has been published where a 5G buffer zone will be established


9 ene 2022 08:47 GMT

The new measure affects facilities in Chicago, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York, among other cities.

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) posted This Friday on its website a list of airports that will have 5G buffer zones, a solution to Reduce potential interference from antennas From this new network that facilitates “peaceful coexistence” with aviation, when carriers such as AT&T and Verizon launched this technology on January 19.

C-band 5G access –Delayed Voluntarily by companies to reach a solution with the Federal Aviation Administration – do to fear to the aviation community and airlines that the service may cause interference with devices such as radio altimeters Aircraft, a vital tool for Low visibility landing Which provides the aircraft with information about the height above the surface of the ground or water.

This, in turn, will force airlines to take steps to protect the safety of passengers, especially in periods of poor visibility. “These measures will lead to widespread and unacceptable disruption when planes are diverted to other cities or when flights are canceled, causing a chain of effects. Throughout the air transport system from the United States,” he reads paper From the FAA to the telecom companies.

The new procedure provides for the creation of a 5G buffer zone and Antenna performance limit Telecommunication operators for six months near airports in cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York, among others, to avoid potential outages.

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airports in ReadySelected based on “traffic volume, number of days of poor visibility, and location,” it has some of the busiest facilities in the United States, such as Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Chicago International Airport – O’Hare, Los Angeles International Airport, Douglas International Airport and Harry’s International Airport. Reed International.

The entity also specified that at the moment, many airports are not affected by the new 5G network, as it does not enter the list of regions in which the service will be launched.