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A dual degree program in Master's degree in Computer Science started between INAOE and Grenoble University

A dual degree program in Master’s degree in Computer Science started between INAOE and Grenoble University

Drafting. National institute of astrophysics, optics and electronicsINAOE) previously Grenoble UniversityFrance , Signing an agreement allowing master’s students in computer science to study at both institutions and obtain a double degree.

This was stated by Dr. Luis Enrique Sucar, INAOE researcher, who added that this fact will open many professional and academic doors for Mexican students.

The National Science Prize winner also commented that the idea of ​​a double degree goes back two years And that a few months ago the corresponding agreement was signed by the Director of the National Institute of Higher Studies and the Dean of the University of Grenoble.

In this way he added: The master’s degree will begin with a double diploma, which means that students who begin a master’s degree in computer science at INAOE will be able to study the second year of their program in Grenoble Students who start their master’s degree there will be able to study the second year at INAOE. “We worked on integrating the programs to re-verify the material, and eventually these students will get a degree from both institutions,” he emphasized.

Dr. Socar explained that the idea of ​​double degree arose initially because of the French government and the French embassy in Mexico They promote the idea of ​​obtaining diplomas and double degrees between Mexican and French institutions, as well as through previous collaborations with colleagues at the University of Grenoble. “We started with them to develop the proposal, and last year a researcher came from Grenoble, we spoke with Dr. Edmundo Gutierrez and the agreement that had already been signed was reviewed.“.

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The researcher noted that even Students who started this year can already enter this scheme They can already study the second year in Grenoble.

Now we start the process of making this known here with the students in the first semester, there are certain conditions, they should be interested in and the selection should be made. I was visiting there a couple of weeks ago to talk to people, refine the details of the process, we talked to the students there about this idea and it seems that there is an interest on their part to come to INAOE“.

Dr. Sokar considered it The double diploma is an acknowledgment of the quality of the INAOE master’s degree: “They have seen that our software is of good quality, and we have also seen that the software matches up to some extent, the software is flexible, and has many options focusing on the areas of AI and robotics; which agree with a good percentage of our disciplines. These issues were worked out in the convention, we found out which courses coincided, and we also tried to make sure the number of credits was similar, and that’s what we’ve been working on these two years.”

Finally, he reported that there is support from the Embassy France to pay for student travel and some support there to complete their scholarship Because life is more expensive in France. “This undoubtedly opens more doors for students in Mexico and other countries at the business level.”