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A drastic change in weather will lead to the risk of flooding

A drastic change in weather will lead to the risk of flooding

The Forecast Center of the Meteorological Institute, in cooperation with the Cuban Meteorological Society (SME), issues Early Warning Notice No. 1 due to a significant change in the country's weather forecast.

According to forecast models, an extratropical depression accompanied by a cold front is expected to form in the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico this weekend. This low will quickly intensify as it moves east, approaching the Florida Peninsula.

Since the morning of Sunday, February 4, a wide area of ​​frontal clouds with rain, rain and thunderstorms will affect the western region of Cuba, extending in the afternoon and evening to the central region and later to the eastern region. There is a possibility of isolated severe local storms.

Strong winds coming from the south, expected on Sunday, will affect the western and central regions, which may lead to coastal flooding in low-lying areas of the southern coast of western Cuba. These winds will extend to the eastern region on Monday, increasing the risk of coastal flooding in Anna Maria and Guacanayabo Bays.

On Monday, a new cold front will form over the central region of the Gulf of Mexico affecting the western and central regions of Cuba with showers, rain and fairly strong winds, moving mainly from the west to the northwest.

The continuation of this weather condition in the Gulf of Mexico for more than 24 hours will cause strong winds and waves on the northwestern and central coasts, with the possibility of coastal flooding in low-lying areas of the northwestern coasts, including the coast of Havana, starting on Monday. February 5.

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Dr. Miriam Teresita Llanes Monteagudo, Head of the INSMET Forecast Centre, highlights the importance of staying informed through weather forecasts and special notices issued by the Meteorological Institute, as they will continue to closely monitor the meteorological situation.

For more details, residents are urged to follow updates and recommendations of local authorities.

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