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A controversial play that could snatch the World Cup final from Argentina

A controversial play that could snatch the World Cup final from Argentina

Lionel Messi scored 13 goals in the five World Cups he played for Argentina. Photo: AFP

The final match of the Qatar World Cup 2022 between Argentina and France, epic by all accounts, left a controversy that could have changed the outcome of this dramatic definition, and no one, not even the Polish referee Simon Marciniak, could realize it at the time. It happened.

A few hours after the end of the match that dedicated the world champion to the ballista for the third time in its history, a picture of a brazen handball before the penalty kick converted by Kylian Mbappe, which put the score 3-3, went viral on social media. .

After Koeman’s corner kick from the left just minutes after Lionel Messi’s second goal, Upamecano jumped up with his right arm raised and touched the ball clearly, then it fell at Mbappe’s feet. After that, the Paris Saint-Germain star finished off the goal and conceded a penalty kick from the hands of Gonzalo Montiel.

Although it is true that the photos that were released are not the ones the VAR referees have, it is difficult to understand that they could not have seen them on their cameras because they were so clear.

Just like in the Italy 1990 final the penalty kick that Mexico’s Edgardo Codesal did not give Argentina for a foul on Gabriel Calderon and the kick he gave Germany was scored, in Brazil 2014 Manuel Neuer’s knee was scored on the face of Gonzalo Higuain, now this hand and the subsequent kick could have been The illusion of the third Argentine World Cup is cut off.

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What would have happened if Argentina had imposed a penalty on a free kick? It is impossible to know if the French equalizer would have come in a later match or if the story ended 3-2, but the truth is that two minutes before the end, Argentina would have maintained this advantage and, with time in their favour, could have benefited from the desperation of the Europeans. To have to go in search of the target.

Fortunately for all Argentines, it will remain just a simple anecdote. The penalty shoot-out was dyed blue and white, and after that converted by Gonzalo Montiel, who transformed from villain into hero in a matter of minutes, La Scaleneta achieved what he set out to search for Qatar: to be world champions.

“Come to Diego from Heaven”

The Qatar 2022 National Team title is an achievement for many, but Gonzalo Montiel will forever have the honor of being in the last minute picture of glory. The penalty kick was taken to the left of Hugo Lloris who sprinted to the right, putting an end to the suffering and opening the way to complete joy and euphoria for millions around the world.

Among them is Lionel Messi. Embraced by Lautaro Martinez and Nicolas Otamendi, from midfield, the 10 struggled as much as the fans. He transformed himself, taking as always the responsibility of first kicking, leaving everything at the feet of his teammates and in the hands of Depo Martínez.

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There was nothing left but to ask heaven to give him the dream of his entire life. And so he did. And in a picture of several programs that have been broadcast on networks in the past hours, he reads on his lips that he said: “Come Diego from heaven.” Incredibly, he remembered Maradona at such a critical moment. It has just been given.

Another controversy for the final

According to the French newspaper L’Equipe, Messi’s second goal, which made the score 3-2 in the 108th minute, “according to the regulations, had to be disallowed.” The reason is not the position of Lautaro Martinez, who at first seemed offside and delayed the celebrations, but rather that the Argentine soccer players went out to celebrate and entered the field when the ball had not yet entered, which is prohibited.

It all stems from a photo posted to Twitter by the account SportBible, a community of sports fans. Based on this, the newspaper indicated that, according to Article 3.9 of the FIFA regulations, “the referee must cancel the goal if he finds that there are ‘extra’ people on the field of play … and resume the free kick.”

The European team and the European referee turn the field in favor of the European team. As old as the worlds.

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(taken from El Clarín)