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A 25-year mystery: Find out a missing song from ‘The X-Files’

A 25-year mystery: Find out a missing song from ‘The X-Files’

Lauren Ancona I didn’t care much for the episode. Secret X-Files (The X Files), which was shown on television on Monday evening. Then he heard the song. It plays when a character enters a country tavern, and it’s a country tune that sets a comforting tone as the singer sings: “In my memory you’re moonlight, starlight…”.

Ancona loved it. He paused the episode, replayed it, and opened Shazam, an app that identifies songs, but found no matches. The details of the song also did not appear on the page. IMDb About the episode.

Confused, Ancona searched for the song’s lyrics online and found nothing but messages on forums from other fans of Secret X-Files Who were asking themselves the same question. Some said they had been searching since 1998, when the episode first aired.

It was a Mulder and Scully mystery. Who is the author of the mysterious, unnamed and uncredited country song? And how the legions of fans “Secret X-Files They couldn’t recognize her 25 years ago?

Ancona wanted the case resolved, so that the song’s uncredited authors would get what they deserve. “I wanted them to know they were appreciated,” he said. Washington Post.

Ancona raised the question in sbefore Twitter. Then he went to bed. Wake up to a viral topic that will end up receiving over 1,000 comments and millions of views. In less than 24 hours, a horde of social media sleuths found the answer and contacted the song’s authors.

The woman got her wish: Her idle curiosity led the Internet to solve a decades-old mystery and learn about the forgotten work of a pair of veteran composers who were surprised and delighted to see they had gained widespread fame.

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“Twenty-five years!” Ancona said. “They had no idea their tune was this kind of worshipful. Unbelievable.” The Internet has led Ancona to Dan Marvisi And Glenn Jordantwo musicians from Angels Who composed music for television and film productions in the 1990s.

The joint effort to determine the theme for a 1998 episode struck a chord with creators Dan Marvisi and Glenn Jordan (X-Files Video Capture)

Gazing at the stars It was an original country song that Marvisi and Jordan composed at the request of the show’s producers, as we mentioned Marvisi to Washington Post. The two musicians are long-time friends and collaborators who met in Angels– He received an unconventional commission for a science fiction series.

“They gave us a direction…for a country song that could be about an alien or a human,” Marvisi said. “And we had to do it very quickly.”

The two quickly created a laid-back country number with a soft drum beat and pedal steel guitar that hid an extraterrestrial theme in the words Jordan sang: “In my memory you’re moonlight, starlight. With big dark eyes you’re out of my mind.”

“What they wanted us to do was something that just said ‘country bar,'” Jordan said. “Put the message [los extraterrestres] “It was a little ridiculous,” he added.

The duo finished the song and sent it to the producers. Then they moved on. The song was used in “Dreamland II”, the fifth episode of the sixth season of the series. Since it hadn’t been published anywhere else, “it definitely wasn’t the type of song that publishers were looking for in Nashville,” Jordan said.

Marvisi and Jordan could not have imagined that, more than two decades later, their song would unite the Internet in a frenzied wave of online searches.

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Ancona, who works in web analytics in Philadelphia, watched excitedly Tuesday as her post about X gained traction. Ancona previously worked as a social media manager and knew the excitement and risks associated with achieving viral fame online.

But this topic was different. There were no trolls or naysayers, but rather a stream of TV fans and music professionals curious about the mystery and eager to help. “It was so nice to have the virus go viral,” Ancona said.

Clues and breadcrumbs appeared in the comments on the woman’s original tweet. Someone called the episode’s music editor and didn’t remember the song. Another user found the production sheet for the episode, which contained the lengths of the songs played in it, but not the titles. Ancona bought the ring in Amazon And the timing of the country song.

Finally, Tuesday night, film and television music supervisor from Angels He commented on the topic penetratingly, naming Al-Marfisi and Jordan. The first says a friend called him on Tuesday to tell him that an old song from his catalog had gone viral on the Internet. Marvisi couldn’t believe it.

“The first thing that comes to mind when someone says, ‘Hey, we’re going viral on Twitter!'” He said, “It’s like… what have you done stupidly lately?”

Lauren Ancona ignited the investigation that involved thousands and ended successfully after less than 24 hours (The X-Files)

Marvisi I’m calling Jordan, who was completely stunned. Marfisi no longer has a copy of Gazing at the starsBut Jordan searched through his recordings and found the song saved on a CD. finally, Marvisi He published a letter on the subject of Ancona, and ended the search with the enthusiastic assertion that the searchers had found their quarry.

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“I was very happy,” Ancona said. Marvisi and Jordan said they were amazed by the emotional response to their song, one of several they had written for the production over the years without expecting a successful response.

“It’s so weird and wonderful,” Marvisi said. “I love what’s going on. Are people talking about Glenn and my song? That’s what you want when you’re a musician. “You want people to listen to it and get something out of it.”

The two musicians, who have not collaborated in recent years due to family commitments, met again on Wednesday for the first time in years, when Merfisi drove his car to Jordan’s house in Van Nuys To capture the CD. They sat together and listened to their 25-year-old song again, now realizing that it has resonated with fans for decades.

“Dan and I were smiling from ear to ear,” Jordan said.

Marfisi announced day

“Everyone always wonders if they’re going to become the subject of something viral on the Internet,” Marvisi said. “But I’m happy. We’re both very happy that it happened this way.”

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Daniel Wu is a Morning Mix reporter at The Washington Post. He joined The Post as a Metro editorial intern in 2022 and previously worked at the Seattle Times and the San Jose Mercury News.