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Arad appears with his ex-wife and cheers her up!

after breakup Jennifer Lopez with Alex Rodriguez And between the meteor and the general meeting She and her ex-husband, the actor Ben Affleck, aroud Courageously accepted the evidence He continues to struggle to move forward in spite of everything.

leaning on the warmth of his daughters, Like I did in the past Memorial Weekend And resorting to his work, today the famous expelotero surprised his followers by sharing photos with his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis who divorced him last 2008, all during the same weekend that Jlo is back in Affleck’s arms In Los Angeles, the city he just got back to.

aroud Not only did he film with his ex-wife in the networks, he also shared a video in his stories to show how to put ice on the athlete’s leg to recover from exercise. “Mother of the first degree” were the words he chose Alex Rodriguez To refer to his ex-wife and mother of his two daughters, Natasha and Ella, 16 and 13 years old, respectively.


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Arod bragged that he had just completed an intense 9-week athletic challenge with members of his family and staff, though he admitted with an air of nostalgia that he felt too old:

IG Arod Cynthia Scurtis

“I injured my left calf, my right leg, and my rib on the left side. I had pain even in places I didn’t know it might hurt…Before starting this program, I thought I was getting older. Now, I know I… , he commented.

Among other things, he added, “It’s easy to give up, to give in, to complain… It’s not really easy to achieve anything good. When you want to give up, don’t do it, keep going, keep calm and keep trying with faith.”

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Over time, the feud between Jlo and Arod continues to make headlines around the world.