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73-year-old woman gets fooled by the ‘army’ who fell in love with her and ripped $40,000 from her – Metro Puerto Rico

73-year-old woman gets fooled by the ‘army’ who fell in love with her and ripped $40,000 from her – Metro Puerto Rico

woman 73 years old San Juan filed a complaint before Puerto Rico Police Office After submitting a “friendship” With a man who contacted her on social media and asked her for money until the amount arrived 40 thousand dollars.

According to the complainant, V.V March 2023 Received a friend request via the social network Facebook For a man, he kissed. Later, they start talking through the messaging app The WhatsApp He began asking for money on the pretext that he had to complete his retirement payments from the militia.

The woman agreed to pay the man who made her believe they were dating. I sent him several payments of different amounts of cash with letters in the postal mail.

According to the injured party, during that period she sent her alleged “boyfriend” the total amount $40,000 The man’s identity turns out to be bogus.

Agent Griselle Vega, attached to the police station, initially investigated the complaint and proceeded to refer it to San Juan Criminal Investigation Authority personnel so that they could continue their investigation.

It’s the black widow of Tinder: this is how the woman who cheated on her victims works

after Read this news You wouldn’t keep thinking it was a good idea Meet people On dating apps, or at least not building as much trust. in Buenos Aires, Argentina, “Black Widow” to Tinder and Badoo. The woman dedicated herself to robbing the victims after drugging them.

Her modus operandi was to win the trust of men through the above-mentioned applications. Then urging them to invite them to her home to carry out her crime, the female used a powerful anxiolytic that ended up doping her. “quotes” for several hours.

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Once the victim is drugged, the “Black Widow” He can take the loot with complete peace of mind. The truth that achieved his apprehension was where a It ended up in the emergency room After his relatives found him.

In this particular event, the man remained unconscious for over 12 hours. His relatives found the apartment torn apart. The criminal stole a large amount of money in addition to jewellery.

One of the factors that allowed her to be identified was the butterfly tattoo she had on one of her arms. After an inquiry on social networks, they were able to find his whereabouts.

Among the anxiolytics used, Alplax and Clonazepam stand out. Likewise, watches, mobile phones and other stolen items were confiscated.

The detainee was taken to the police station and provided to the Career Orientation Unit No. 8 responsible for Gabriel Lopez, Moreno Judicial Department and General Rodriguez, Clarin Media reviewed.