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The alleged shooters are on the run in central Havana

The alleged shooters are on the run in central Havana

CubitaNOW write ~ Friday, May 26, 2023

On Thursday afternoon, a shooting was reported in central Havana in which at least two people were injured.

Although the state press did not report the event, a pro-government photo of Mauro Torres – affiliated with the government – confirmed what happened. According to their statements, the potential perpetrators are fugitives from justice.

“So far, our digital space has been able to learn from witnesses to the event in which two citizens were seen running in a suspicious manner who were presumed to be the perpetrators of the crime. Sources close to the authorities also revealed the identification of the possible perpetrators, linked to close relations with the people who cooperated in the investigation, and did not spare No resources or schedules to catch them up quickly.”

“Cuba Segura” was the name Torres used to explain The shooting that took place on Consulado Street between Anima and Trocaderoin the municipality of Centro Habana.

He explained after the shooting that “a 37-year-old citizen was seriously injured and his life was in danger, and a 50-year-old worker, manager of Deep Roots Folk Company, was slightly injured.”

“The victims were immediately referred to receive medical assistance and are being treated by health professionals,” she added.

According to his statements, the event “occurred first on the public roads and then in the aforementioned popular center, while the 37-year-old citizen was fleeing from an assumed account.”

Two children from the school near the scene of the shooting They gave their testimonies about what happened.

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One student recounts that the teacher closed the classroom windows when shots began to be heard. “All the children were crying,” he said.

The other minor recounted that the police arrested two men who arrived on a motorcycle and started shooting.

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