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Las 5 novedades de WhatsApp que ha confirmado y llegarán pronto

5 WhatsApp news arriving soon

Soon there will be a series of Very useful news for WhatsApp, which will transform many aspects of the instant messaging application. include Communities To manage groups in a more advanced way, and other new features that it will support.

Along with the new communities Interactions For messages that use emojis, Voice calls up to 32 usersrise of Documents up to 2 GB And the possibility of it Administrators delete messages For everyone in groups.

Can you find out another location in WhatsApp?

The goal is to bring WhatsApp closer to tools like Microsoft Teamswhich makes it possible to connect teams in companies, but on a smaller scale, to groups of people who know each other in educational and sports institutions, associations and small businesses.

WhatsApp Communities

WhatsApp communities are working on Managing groups of people in a more organized and complete way with common links. For example, a group of parents at a school, neighbors of a building or a small business.

Societies may be Consists of one or more groupsso that messages are better managed, and in the beginning It will accept several thousand membersAt the moment, the exact number has not been determined.

there will be Managing Directorwhich can delete content it deems inappropriate, such as scams or viral threads.

In addition, forwarding will be limited and will prevent messages from being sent to all members of the communities unless the administrator does so. The Mobile numbers will not be visible For other members, to maintain privacy.

They can only Invite us directly to the communities, there will be no search engine, although it is possible to restrict who can put us in one. If we leave one of these groups, the rest of the members will not see any notification in the chat.

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The most important WhatsApp news will be the last up, at the moment it does not have an exact date. In fact, the other four that have been introduced will serve to support the communities.

Reactions to messages

Image - 5 WhatsApp news that will arrive soon

Feedback will allow us to indicate what we think of the message without having to send a new message. They will be some Emoji representing feelingsthey will be sent by pressing and holding the message, and will not generate a notification for other members.

Although these updates focus on communities, they will be available in All WhatsApp chatsso we can send feedback in any conversation.

Files up to 2 GB in WhatsApp

Communities will expect more documents and multimedia to be shared on WhatsApp, and the company doesn’t want a heavy reliance on streaming services. cloud storage from third parties for this purpose.

Therefore, they can be Send files and documents up to 2 GB On WhatsApp, which will facilitate the work, but also the risk of starting to spread more irrelevant viral videos and take up space.

Recalls up to 32 users

Voice calls are increasing now Up to 32 people at a timewhich is something suitable for enterprises and small businesses targeted by WhatsApp communities.

besides The call interface will be redesigned To accommodate this growing number of participants. that’s yes, Whatsapp video calls Keep it the same, this novelty does not affect them.

Administrators will delete messages

Possibility Delete messages for everyone (even on other users’ phones) now extends to group admins. This will be useful in deleting inappropriate messages, whether they are scams, viral threads or should not be present in the chat for any reason.

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Image - 5 WhatsApp news that will arrive soon

We only know that WhatsApp New features will be enabled over the next few weeks Gradually, the communities will be the last to reach us.

Of course , Updates related to WhatsApp communities are useful, because it will make the application more diverse. Model groups from school or co-workers can now be organized with minimal guarantees of privacy and control.

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