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5 iOS 16 Settings You Need To Change Right Now

5 iOS 16 Settings You Need To Change Right Now

These features in iOS 16 are not very well known but you have to activate them as soon as you install the new operating system.

in iOS 16 We have great improvements, such as new and customizable lock screen. However, the system includes many interesting and little-known functions. This is why we collected 5 iOS 16 Settings You Should Activate And change now.

iOS 16 on iPhone

In iOS 16 we have many new features and these functions are not much known

1. Turn on battery percentage

he’s one of iOS 16 news that marked the mostDespite the fact that it was not even announced by Apple during the official presentation of the system. This setting allows us to see a file Battery percentage That the iPhone has been numerically left inside the battery icon itself.

As of iOS 16.1, this function improves accessibility All iPhones with Face IDIt also slightly modified its design. To activate it, just follow these steps:

  1. go inside Settings from your iPhone.
  2. Go down to the section drums.
  3. Inside the battery, activate the switch Battery percentage.
New iOS 16 battery percentage

iOS 16’s new battery percentage looks great

2. Adjust notifications to your liking

In iOS 16, we have a new way to display notifications. As you probably know, notifications now appear at the bottom of the screen and they can be Customize the display in three different ways. Depending on your preference, you can choose the option you prefer from Settings > Notifications:

  • Number: If you activate this screen, you will simply see a number in the bottom area showing the notifications you have.
  • gathering: This form groups notifications into groups, eg by type of applications.
  • ready: Here we have the most classic option, the iPhone will display all notifications in the form of a list in chronological order.
Notifications in iOS 16

You have several ways to display notifications in iOS 16

3. Enable sticky notes

The Notes app is a great tool for jotting ideas, creating lists and charts…and now you can access them more easily as Apple has added an item Sticky Notes icon to Control Center. You just have to activate it:

  1. Opens Settings.
  2. go inside Control Center.
  3. Scroll down and tap the + icon next to Quick note.
  4. Now you can find sticky note icon in the control center.
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4. Activate the keyboard by touch vibration

In iOS 16, the iPhone keyboard can respond to keystrokes with an extension small haptic vibration. This is something though More battery can be used, may be interesting to many users. It is activated by Settings > Sound & Vibration > Key Feedback > Vibration.

5. Avoid accidentally disconnecting

If on many occasions you have accidentally closed a call by pressing the side button of your iPhone, you are in luck because there is a function in iOS 16 that allows you to avoid it. You must enter Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Prevent calls from ending when locked. You will not accidentally end the call anymore.

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In iOS 16 we have many cool features that we are facing One of the best updates in recent years. By turning on these features, your iPhone will be better and more useful than it was after installing iOS 16.

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