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33 projects go to national and international science fairs – El Diario MX

33 projects go to national and international science fairs – El Diario MX

Jose del Carmen Perales Rodriguez

VICTORIA, Tam – Among the top hundred projects presented at the 25th State Innovation Competition ExpoCiencias Tamaulipas 2023, 33 projects received a pass to the national stage, among which three will participate in international competitions in New York, Indonesia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Julio Martinez Burns, Director of the Tamaulipas Council of Science and Technology (Cotacyt), announced the above and added that on this occasion all participating projects were protected for one year, to prevent them from being patented by other people or companies.

“All participating projects are protected for one year from the regional stages, so 40 of the top 100 projects that participated in the country stage are identified as capable of becoming utility models for patents and are pursued and supported. He explained.

In this sense, the official specified that the idea is that many of them can be transferred depending on how useful they are in a particular government area, that is, they do not remain in competition but rather that they are protected and that they can be supported.

In this context, Martinez Burns emphasized that another feature of this competition is that the projects focused on priority sectors, as well as solving problems that arise in communities.

“The projects in this government creativity competition focus on solving problems in their environment and have been created by students from pre-school, primary, secondary, post-secondary, undergraduate and graduate levels,” he noted.

He explained that among the proposals are water conservation, school safety and health projects, which are considered possible solutions to some problems. He concluded: “We have won projects such as devices designed to reduce noise for children with autism, tools needed for some medical problems in children, canes for the blind, irrigation, conservation, the information technology sector, applications, and others.”

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