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3 ways to unlock your car steering wheel

3 ways to unlock your car steering wheel

It’s no exaggeration to say that steering is one of the most important things in a car, so a stuck steering wheel is more than a minor inconvenience. However, not all flyers Banned for the same reason.

Why is the steering wheel locked?

You may be wondering why The steering wheel locks up suddenly when he did nothing. There are two main reasons why wheels lock up. The first is for security reasons. So every time you turn off the ignition and remove the car key, the steering wheel locks up.

The second is to protect your car from theft. Thieves or hooligans can steal your car with technology hot wire. To prevent this, manufacturers add this feature to vehicles.

Now that you know the reason for that Which drive wheels are lockedWe will tell you three ways to unlock the steering wheel of your car.

1.- Try to enter the key

Try to insert the key into the ignition and turn it, also move the steering wheel left and right at the same time. Make sure it is synchronized. If the crash is accidental in nature, this trick will fix it in one click.

Result: The key will turn completely and so will the steering wheel.

2.- Try another key

Try another key if the first one fails. Sometimes the problem may be with the key. The previous owner of the used car you purchased may not have maintained it well. If you have the second key, try it. Most likely it can work.

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If the spare key doesn’t turn on right away, try the first one. However, there is a possibility that newer cars may not provide such a spare key.

3.- Try spraying WD40

If all else fails, try spraying WD40 into the spark plug. There is a possibility that the wheel is locked due to hardening of the lock digits, this solution will help you to release the lock cylinder. Once you have sprayed WD40, insert the key into the ignition hole and try to turn it back and forth.

Even if this trick works, you may need to replace the lock cylinder later.


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