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ICONOS MAG - Honduras, San Pedro Sula

2022 Industrial Science Symposium by USAP San Pedro Sula Honduras

San Pedro Sula. University of San Pedro Sula USAP Foot Industrial Science Symposium 2022 by USAP Coordinated by jobs in the engineering field.

Photo by Cristian Alvarado © ICONOS Mag

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The event took place in the hall Henry Reynolds affiliate Alma mater With the participation of speakers to gain knowledge related to the job.

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He was the first to expose Rogelio Joel Bautista GarciaMexican creator smart thinkingwith the subject: breaking models.

Their participation was through virtual video conferencing and it spurred good performance at work.

Also, the capabilities of each collaborator should be known and assigned jobs specific to their competencies.

2022 Industrial Science Symposium by USAP
2022 Industrial Science Personal Seminar by USAP-11

By applying this measure, the company, whether big or small, will go on to achieve the desired success with people who work at what they love to do.

In addition, creativity flows in a world where almost everything has been invented, so originality is very rare.

The specialist emphasized that when people’s skills are discovered and put where they belong, the company’s entire team is productive.

2022 Industrial Science Symposium by USAP

The second exhibitor was Juan Pablo Hernandez FloresHonduran engineer and lawyer.

Also, Senior Consultant and General Manager for ACSIO Consultants SRL They have extensive studies and experience in the field of industrial security.

Hernandez I covered the topic: Risk analysis to reduce industrial accidents in Honduras.

Some of the contents are basic concepts of hazards and how to modify and mitigate them through methodologies to avoid accidents with serious injuries.

2022 Industrial Science Symposium by USAP

Students listen carefully to the expert about the responsibility they will have in the exercise of their profession.

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Also, what to do when faced with adversities such as organic injuries and damage to human life.

2022 Industrial Science Symposium by USAP

This seminar seeks to engage the students in person, everything was handled through video conferencing and they are required to come to campus.

At the end, those present explained their concerns and asked questions, which were skillfully answered by the speaker.

The Industrial Science Symposium 2022 Face to Face by USAP It is very useful for students of engineering jobs in USAP.