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Zoe Clemente tours El Salvador for Miss Universe 2023

Zoe Clemente tours El Salvador for Miss Universe 2023

San Salvador, El Salvador.-On the third day of activities Miss Universe 2023the beautiful contestants toured the beautiful ones Beaches to Savior And Zoe ClementeMiss Honduras shared every moment with you.

Through your account InstagramThe beautiful Honduran actress mentioned that she was very excited because this Monday they would be taking a walk along the beaches of the neighboring country.

“I will show you pictures and videos, because everything is beautiful,” Zhou said in one of his stories.

Before arriving at the beach, contestants were treated to a helicopter ride so they could see the extent of the paradisiacal beaches.

Zou emphasized that she never had the opportunity to ride one, but there is no doubt that she enjoyed every moment with her colleagues from Canada, Peru, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Yacht ride

After the flight in the air, the Miss Universe 2023 contestants boarded a yacht and took a tour in the sea of ​​the Gulf of Fonseca, as Zhou detailed in another story of his.

In the photos you can see the Mises in swimsuits sunbathing while lounging on the yacht.

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