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Yumel reveals that the United States is his target for 2024

Yumel reveals that the United States is his target for 2024

Yomil Hidalgo faces 2024 as a year with great goals and objectives to achieve. With the added motivation of ending 2023 with concerts in Cuba, Europe and Canada, the Cuban singer has new destinations set for the coming months and one of them is…the United States!

2023 is coming to an end, and after taking stock of these past few months, it's time to make your 2024 resolution list just hours before the new year begins. One Cuban artist who has very clear goals for the coming year is Yomil Hidalgo, who plans to continue growing musically and taking on new challenges.

On social media, the singer He left a video of his best moments of 2023But in addition to feeling grateful for everything he's been through in recent months, he also seems to believe in voicing his goals out loud until they come true and shared a story that reveals one of his wishes for the year.

“Target 2024: United States”announced the Cuban singer, who put the US flag in his Instagram stories.

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“I will welcome 2024 with the same positive vibe as always, with goals to achieve and goals to achieve,” he said in the video, making his intention firm to reach the United States.

That way, The Cuban singer explains that one of his priorities is going to the United States.

In addition to this goal, the reggaeton singer also promised to start the year with a collaboration with Yulen Oviedo, a song waiting to see the light that will be called “La Hoja”.

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Go for 2024!