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Yamillet Payano creates an app for the deaf

Yamillet Payano creates an app for the deaf

a contractor Of Dominican origin may hold the key to facilitating the integration of deaf or speech-impaired people, through a to request Based on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) This allows for a smooth and “hitch-free” conversation.

Yamilte Pianois one of the creators of Sign-Speak, a tool Which has been developed since 2021 and which translates Sign language for voice and text, and vice versa, as described for EFE.

This young Dominican woman, 27 years old, is starting to develop to request After noticing his difficulty in being able to live a normal life, his friend Nicholas Kelly, deaf since birth, in which he social problem Bayano, who is also fed, said due to the lack of translatorYes In the United States.

“there translatorYesBut there is a lot loss“Both here or elsewhere in the world.” contractor.

The most recent Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau is one of the few studies conducted to identify people with hearing loss Or deaf, found that one in 20 Americans is deaf or has problems he heard.

That is, approximately 10 million people in this country have it problems hearing and about 1 million are “functionally deaf,” according to the Census Bureau.

a communication “Without barriers”

Bayano is convinced of this to request “It will break down barriers” for people suffering from Hearing impairmentwho is often “one of the great forgotten people of this society”.

“We create technology He stressed this so that they can do what they want and achieve their goals in life, and that speech difficulties are no longer a problem for their development.

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Brian Hertnicki has been deaf since birth and recognizes that “revolutionaryto request You have changed your daily life.

“I’ve been able to have easier conversations, no matter where I am. I can communicate without barriers,” he told EFE.

The young man explains that on occasions, such as when he went alone to the supermarket or restaurant, he had a fair number of things problems To allow yourself to be understood if you haven’t translator next to.

“this to request “It will help all of us, not just deaf or dumb people, but also hearing people who will have an easier time communicating properly with us.”

For this to requestHertnicki agrees to develop artificial intelligence generativewhich learns and creates content that takes different styles such as spoken or written conversation as reference.

a technology This will allow deaf people and people with speech difficulties to get the same thing an opportunityHe is People who are listening too,” Hertnicki noted.

Yamilte PianoWho studied mathematical sciences and economics at the American University, and the other founders of Sign-Speak believe that at another stage, it will be done platform It can also be used between people talking Different languages.

looking for Investors

In this business venture, Piano is joined by his friends Kelly and Nicholas Wilkins, and the three are searching for him Investors That supports this projectwhich is currently in the initial stage.

He received support from AWS Impact Acceleratora division of e-commerce giant Amazon, to which it has committed more than $30 million projectIt is led by minorities in the United States, such as Latinos, women, and people from the LGBTQ community.

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This week, Piano traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he is based these days Annual conference From AWS, an unmissable event for technology developers and in this edition projectQ of artificial intelligence.

“This is good an opportunity Also to find Investors Who wants financing? project“Baiano admitted.

Anna Torres, who works translator in it to divide to People with disabilities On Amazon, consider that technology Can be used to generate Positive effect In people like those you represent.

“the technology “It has a lot of good things going for it and one of them is putting it at the service of these people.”

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