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Will artificial intelligence create killing machines?  This is what a former Google executive said

Will artificial intelligence create killing machines? This is what a former Google executive said

the artificial intelligence (Amnesty International) is technology Which is gaining a lot of ground. However, it has generated various fears and even dystopian scenarios such as creating… Killing machines Of artificial intelligence, at least this context was put forward by a former corporate executive Google.

It turned out to be Mo Godet, who was the commercial director of X's secret R&D branch, last year Google“The machines he drives,” he noted artificial intelligence One day they may see humans as “scum” and may be born “Killing machines“, according to the New York Post.

Image: Unsplash

In fact, Judt compared this scenario to what happens in Will Smith's film “I, Robot,” where the actor must fight against an army of machines seeking to enslave the human race.

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Mo Judt said he is afraid of the scenario he is in Amnesty International It decided to destroy the human race through killing machines, because, according to the former director, artificial intelligence could “generate its own computing power and carry out installations itself through robotic arms.”

In fact, I point out that Amnesty International You might consider us “scum” today because of everything that is posted on social media. “We're fake on social media, rude, angry, or lying on social media,” he pointed out on a Secrets Leaders podcast.

Image: Unsplash

Image: Unsplash

In the same way, scientists and business leaders urged to halt the development of the disease artificial intelligence. Although at the same time he pointed out that this would never happen “not because of technological problems, but because of the business dilemma.”

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Let's remember that companies currently like OpenaAI And Goal They work on big projects to achieve General IWhich will be able to understand, learn, adapt and implement its knowledge in different tasks, just as a human does.

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