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Why did the President of Mexico criticize the Faculty of Political Science at UNAM and Ibero?

Why did the President of Mexico criticize the Faculty of Political Science at UNAM and Ibero?

president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) resumed his speech on intervention right youfor conservative in institutions high education in the country, referring to UNAM Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, The campus where he studied, the Ibeoamerican University (Iberian).

In his morning conference on Wednesday, the Mexican president invited communication students to familiarize themselves with the situation inside the country UniversitiesEspecially at the administrative level or its educational programmes, as well as on the national political arena.

“Those who study communication in Faculty of Political Sciences, in Ibero, where there are races the press, they should be aware of; Universities have also been taken over by conservatism, Right. “So you have to be excited about these issues because they will help a lot,” he said from the Treasury Hall at the National Palace.

AMLO’s criticisms directed at The maximum home for studies It was frequent, largely during the latter period of 2021, when I demanded to return to face-to-face classes at the various colleges or universities of the public education institution.

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Even Lopez Obrador pointed out that the UN mission “corrector“, due to the entry of the neoliberal trend and its omission or negativity in the face of the social problems that occurred in the past six years, such as the problem of Felipe Calderon (PAN) and Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN).

“Yes, a shake is required. It’s a great university, but They weren’t up to the taskHe pointed out that the criticism of neo-liberalism did not come from UNAM, “stressing that his conscience is clear because of the anger caused by his statements last October.

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In addition, I mentioned that a few years ago, no left leader, Cuauhtemoc Cardenasnor he, can go freely to the reactionary thinking of some sectors, internally, in the different faculties.

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