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Where is the Cuban player Cesar Prieto?

The official press acknowledges that Cesar Prieto’s escape will not be the last. (Reference image: Amaury González-Facebook)

Cuban journalist Francis Romero revealed today that Cuban player Cesar Prieto, who starred in a stunning escape from the Cuban team that questions the pre-Olympic Championship of the Americas, is still in Florida.

In recent days, various reports have placed Prieto in the Dominican Republic, where he would begin his career as a freelance worker with the goal of getting signed with some major Major League Baseball organizations.

But Romero said that a source close to consular affairs and immigration confirmed that “the 22-year-old has not left the United States, while another indicated that he is in a region of North Florida.”

They also assured the journalist that Prieto “does not hold the (diplomatic) Cuban passport in his hands, because at the time of his abandonment all the players’ documents were in the hands of the team representative to check-in at the hotel.”

It is common that in official delegations, in addition to Extensive surveillance and movement restrictions, Players’ passports are kept to prevent desertions like Prieto.

Cesar, one of the most talented players in Cuba He escaped last Wednesday shortly after landing in Miami.

Witnesses told Romero that Brito departed as the bus that transported the Cuba team from Miami International Airport to the Hilton Garden Inn in West Palm Beach stopped.

A Cienfuegos man was going to race 25-30 meters to get into a car, which surprised all of his comrades.

“According to people who were near the escape in the street in front of the hotel, a number of the delegation members said,” Look at him, look at him, here he is going. ” Francis.

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In a hopeful scenario, a future Cuban could spend between three and six months in the United States, have his new passport processed and seek residency in a third country.

The leader in consecutive matches has achieved great success in Cuba with a score of 45, he may leave the US territory by the end of the year, and after months he aspires to a free agency.

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