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WhatsApp will implement the “watch only once” function on photos and videos

The WhatsApp It has become the most widely used instant messaging service in the world. Therefore, it is constantly evolving in terms of tools and mission So that users can fully enjoy the application that belongs to Facebook.

Through the specialized WABeta Info website, Mark Zuckerberg, Owner The WhatsApp, confirmed arrival One time display function. to me a program. This tool is similar to the one used in Instagram when sending Pictures s Videos to another user.

“We’re about to start implementing ‘see once’, so you can send the content and make it disappear after the person sees it.” Zuckerberg mentioned via WABeta Info.

One-time view function in WhatsApp

Photo: WABeta Info

How will “See one” work on WhatsApp?

Will Cathcart, Director of D The WhatsAppWABeta Info stated that this feature will be available very soon for iOS and Android users in future updates.

Although they did not give details of her work, reports indicate that the job’look onceCan only be activated in new chats Users who receive the photo or video will be able to take a screenshot of the content to be displayed; After that, it will completely disappear.

It is only a matter of time before WhatsApp can launch this new tool for its two billion users around the world. With this, they strive for the application to enjoy as much privacy as possible among the Internet users.

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